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Instant Hot Water Mission

Taco provides its valued customers with industry leading innovation and quality systems designed to maximize instant hot water comfort and convenience while conserving energy and reducing water consumption.

The Problem: Waiting for Hot Water

It’s a common problem: turn on the faucet or shower for hot water, then wait for it to arrive. In fact, the wait can be minutes in larger homes with multiple bathrooms and long runs of pipe between the plumbing fixtures and the water heater! With a Taco Domestic Hot Water Recirculation System in place, there’s no more wait. Instant hot water!

Waiting Means Wasting

Waiting for hot water sends millions of gallons of cooled water down the drain each year. In fact, an average family of four wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water.* Water conservation is so im- portant that many US states and municipalities routinely impose watering bans and offer rebate incentives to help conserve this natural resource.

*Source: Dept. of Energy study.

Energy Down the Drain

Of course, all that “waiting water” contains some heat energy (BTU’s), even if it’s only room temperature. Wasting those BTU’s and starting over with fresh, cold water to heat up requires even more heat energy. So in addition to wasting water, millions of BTU’s and energy dollars are wasted, too.

The Solution: Install a Taco Domestic Hot Water Recirculation (DHWR) Product

Provide your customers with the comfort and convenience of instant hot water without the waste. Taco DHWR products are designed to meet a variety of DHWR system types, and offer customers a wide range of options to control hot water delivery to faucets and showers.

System Types and Products
Dedicated Return Line Piping

This system is provided with a dedicated return line installed between the end of the hot water supply pipe and the water heater. A circulator is installed in the piping loop to move the hot water from the water heater through the supply pipe and back through the return pipe.

Taco provides six great options for this system:

  • 006e3®
  • SmartPlus-e® (Bundle Packaging)
  • SmartPlus® Hot Water Recirculation
  • Plumb n’Plug®
  • TacoGenie®
  • SmartPlug® (with any corded circulator)
Piping without a Return Line

A domestic hot water system without a dedicated return line requires a “point of use” product that is typically installed at the fixture furthest from the water heater. The cold water supply pipe is used as the return line to the water heater.

Taco provides three great options for this system:

  • Hot-LinkPlus-e® (Bundle Packaging)
  • Hot-Link® System
  • TacoGenie®
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