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901-1 Kynar Abrasives Separator

beige colored separator on a transparent background

Taco’s Kynar Abrasives Separator is a device for removing particles from flush lines to protect the seal from abrasive wear or clogging. They are typically used in an API Plan 31 arrangement and incorporated in the seal flush line (API Plan 11) from the discharge of the pump. 

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Performance Data


  • Increases the life of a mechanical seal 
  • Reduces maintenance costs 
  • Lightweight, 1-piece design provides lower pipe stress when mounted inline 
  • Virtually maintenance-free – unlike strainers and filters 
  • Keeps solids found in liquids from contaminating and damaging mechanical seal faces 
  • Reduces the fluid temperature at the seal faces 
  • Ensures proper pressure in the seal chamber to prevent pumped fluid from vaporizing 
  • Allows seal chamber to be self-venting when used with horizontal pumps 
  • Attached to a commercial pump to flush/keep the seals clean
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