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Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP)

Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP)

The Taco Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP) incorporates numerous features into one device that simplifies installations and reduces installation costs. It is a flow straightening device that provides maximum flow efficiency at the suction inlet of the pump while at the same time reducing space and fitting requirements and eliminating the need for an equivalent length of ten pipe diameters of straight run on the suction side of the pump. It is an elbow (and in some cases a reducing elbow) with a built-in strainer that is easily maintained and will provide years of trouble-free system performance.

The Taco Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP) is available in a wide variety of sizes.

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Performance Data

Flow Range: 20 – 10,000 GPM
Working Pressure: ANSI Class 125 Flanged units – 175 PSI, ANSI Class 250 Flanged units – 300 PSI
Connection Sizes: 1 ½”  – 16″

  • Full Length Straightening Vane Assembly ensures uniform flow to the suction inlet of the pump
  • Oversized Body Cylinder ensures minimal pressure drop
  • Metering Port allows for the monitoring of system conditions
  • Blow Down port allows for routine maintenance and removal of sediment and debris


  • Hot Water Heating Systems
  • Closed Cooling Circuits
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Hydronic Heating & Cooling
  • Water/Glycol concentrations up to 50%
  • Solar / Geothermal
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