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3196 Differential Bypass Valve

Sorry – this product is no longer available

The 3196 Differential Bypass Valve is no longer available although you may find similar or replacement versions below.

3196 Differential Bypass Valve

This product is no longer available. Documents and resources are still accessible.

For Accurate, Dependable Excess Flow Control in Zone Valve Systems

The 3196 Differential Bypass Valve provides an accurate and dependable means to control excess flow in zone valve systems that can be created when there is a reduction in the demand for heat. This reduced heat demand typically occurs as zone thermostats are satisfied and their corresponding zone valves close, causing the system pump to attempt to force more water through the remaining zones. 3196 Differential Bypass Valve should also be used to prevent dead heading of the circulator in systems where parallel piped heat emitters are controlled by thermostatic radiator valves.

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Performance Data

Max. Pressure: 200 PSI
Max. Temp.: 200°F
Adjustment Range: 0 to 7.5 PSI

  • Body: Brass
  • Indicator: Brass
  • Union Nut: Brass
  • Internals: Stainless Steel and Engineered Plastics
  • O-Ring: EPDM
  • Gasket: Non Asbestos Phenolic
  • Control excess flow in zone valve systems
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