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Hydro Air Fan Control

Hydro Air Fan Control
Increase Year-Round Comfort and Operating Efficiency

The Taco Hydro Air Fan Control is the ideal interface between the thermostat and air handler that will increase year-round comfort and operating efficiency in your systems. The Hydro Air Fan Control also includes an isolated end switch to start the boiler or pump. When the thermostat calls for heat, the Fan Control energizes the end switch relay and allows the fan to operate at low speed when the water is above the aquastat setting. When the thermostat calls for cooling, the Fan Control energizes the condenser and operates on high speed. In addition to standard features, the HAFC201 Model also includes three built-in fan time delay options, two selectable pump exercise modes, a secondary aquastat connector for freeze protection and the ability to switch a pump and/or boiler.

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Performance Data

Switch Settings (HAFC201):

  • 1 – 1 minute on fan delay, in heating mode
  • 2 – 3 minute on fan delay, in heating mode
  • 1&2 – 4 minute on fan delay, in heating mode
  • 3 – Pump dry contact activated for 2 minutes every 24 hours (boiler contacts not activated)
  • 4 – Pump dry contacts activated for 30 seconds every two weeks (boiler contacts not activated)
  • Automatic Multi-Speed Switching
  • Prevents False Calls for Fan Operation
  • Simplified Wiring
  • Contractor-Friendly PC-Board Layout
  • Built-in Time Delays
  • Pump Exercise Timer
  • 100% Factory Tested
  • Ideal Interface Between Thermostat and Air Handler
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