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Introducing the Building Efficiency System Tool (BEST) 6.0 Upgrade

The Hydronic Industry Alliance-Commercial has released version 6.0 of the Building Efficiency System Tool (BEST), an interactive commercial building HVAC system efficiency comparison application.

BEST 6.0 includes the ability to model multiple heating and cooling sources. This enables modeling of all electric systems using cascaded heat pumps and backup sources.

Get all the impartial answers you need. Learn more and download BEST 6.0 for free:

Building Efficiency Systems Tool®

BEST is a quick, easy and reliable way to compare the energy and life cycle costs of up to four HVAC systems at one time. It allows one to evaluate and compare various HVAC system candidates early in the conceptual design phase, before final design and construction, in order to save time and money and complete projects more efficiently.

Product Features

Tap into the BEER (Building Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratio. Recent industry research has shown the importance of modeling the energy efficiency of complete systems vs relying on equipment ratings and the significant impact it can have on total life cycle costs. Don’t get locked into the wrong system and end up paying the penalty for it the entire life of your building. Use BEST to help make more informed decisions early in the project – before you’re locked into an HVAC system choice.

Simple Building Types Wizard

Pick from 11 different building types and see how the four most common HVAC systems stack up based on your location and building size.


Input, location and size of building plus number of floors, then select up to four HVAC systems to compare side-by-side.


More than 30 pre-loaded HVAC system types or customize for your building needs. 100 default input settings; system cost per square foot, adjustable to any building in any location.

Building Energy Efficiency Ratio (BEER)

Calculate the system efficiency rating under actual building operating conditions.


Installation, replacement, maintenance, monthly energy, electrical and fossil fuel consumption, total life cycle, cumulative life cycle cost by year, system payback time, pump and fan HP, system coefficient of performance (COP), and more.


Created by commercial manufacturers from the US, Mexico, and Canada to help prospective buyers, consulting engineers, and design/build professionals analyze real-world HVAC options to pinpoint the best system that meets budgetary and performance requirements.

Watch Video Tutorials

Try It For Free!

BEST gives you all the impartial answers you need and it’s very easy to use. Read all about it, watch the videos, no ads, no gimmicks, no upsell. All free.

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