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Stops Gravity Circulation in Forced Hot Water Heating Systems

Taco Flo-Chek prevents “gravity” circulation in forced hot water heating systems during periods when the boiler is hot, but the space heating zone is not wanted. This makes it possible to use the heating boiler to maintain domestic hot water year-round. Flo-Chek open automatically when the circulator starts running. You can also use Flo-Chek in systems with multiple circulator zones to allow heat to flow only into the zones that are calling for heat. In addition, the thumb screw can be opened manually for gravity feed applications, if the main circulator stops operating. 125 PSI maximum operating pressure (862 kPa) and 277° F maximum operating temperature (136° C).

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Performance Data

Max. Operating Pressure: 125 PSI (862 kPa)
Max. Operating Temp.: 277°FF (136°C)
Media: Water or Water / Glycol

  • Available in 3/4” and 1” bronze sweat
  • In-line design or 3/4” – 2” cast iron universal threaded body design.
  • The Taco MPV can be used for sizes above 2”
  • Forced Hot Water Heating Systemprevents “gravity” circulation when boiler is hot, but space heating zone is not wanted
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