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SmartPlug. Smart Idea.

Dec 6, 2016 | Press Release, Products News

Taco Comfort Solutions is proud to introduce the award-winning SmartPlug Instant Hot Water Control®. A hot water recirculating system can save homeowners a significant amount of water – up to 12,000 gallons per year. But continuously running circulators and improperly programmed timers can waste energy by operating the circulator AND hot water heater at times when hot water isn’t needed.

With the patented SmartPlug, using less water just got way more efficient. The SmartPlug upgrades a hot water recirculation system to a “Smart” system. SmartPlug technology makes any corded circulator up to 94% more energy efficient by learning hot water usage patterns and delivering hot water when it’s needed. This increases hot water comfort, reduces energy use and helps extend the life of the hot water heater.

Installation is quick and easy – no programming, timers, or aquastats are required. Simply plug the SmartPlug into a 110V outlet, then plug the circulator power cord into the SmartPlug. Using a sensor that mounts to the hot water supply pipe, it will learn the daily hot water usage pattern in a home and adjust the circulator run time automatically to deliver hot water when it’s needed. When usage patterns change, the SmartPlug adjusts run time automatically.

It also includes a Pulse mode option that continuously cycles the circulator on for 5 minutes then off for 10 minutes, as well as a Vacation mode that shuts the circulator off after 36 hours of no hot water use. While in Vacation mode, the Exercise function will cycle the pump for 10 seconds every 7 days to prevent any corrosion or scale build up.

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