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SmartPlug® Improves Performance

Jan 25, 2016 | Press Release, Products News

Taco’s SmartPlug® Improves Performance of Standard Hot Water Recirculation

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: John Vastyan, Common Ground, 717-664-0535; cground@ptd.net, or Eugene Fina, Taco, 401-942-8000; genfin@tacocomfort.com.

Taco’s new SmartPlug® Instant Hot Water Control will optimize hot water system efficiency and reduce electrical consumption up to 94% while saving 12,000 gallons of water per year.

The device adds intelligence to standard on/off hot water recirculation (HWR) pumps. Rather than plugging the standard HWR into the wall, plug it into the SmartPlug® for improved, house/family-specific function.

In the “Smart” mode, the SmartPlug® monitors and records weekly household hot water use patterns and adjusts HWR cycles accordingly. That way, hot water is provided quickly at all fixtures, only when needed.

The device offers an optional “Pulse” mode. In this setting, the circulator will cycle on and off to maintain hot water at all fixtures. No more waiting, no more wasting energy and water.

Users get even greater efficiency with the SmartPlug® system. After 36 hours of inactivity, the device automatically turns off the pump until a need for hot water is detected; in this mode, it also cycles on once every seven days for 10 seconds to prevent corrosion or scale buildup.

SmartPlug® can be used with any Taco domestic water 00® circulator with a 110 Volt line cord. No programming is required.

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