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FloodBreaker™ Flood Protection

Mar 30, 2014 | Products News

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FloodBreaker™ Flood protection: Help your customers avoid a catastrophe with a water alarm shutoff!

Taco introduces the FloodBreaker™ whole house, adjustable leak detection system that monitors all water use in the home and shuts off the main water supply if any of the user-programmed settings are reached. Suitable for potable installations, FloodBreaker™ not only guards against large, catastrophic leaks, but also detects small, unnoticed leaks that can cause damage over time. It’s ideal for preventing water damage and waste in primary residences, vacation homes and unoccupied properties.

The universal body assembly simplifies installation by allowing the 12”x4”x4” FloodBreaker™ to be attached to either vertical or horizontal pipe lines for maximum installation convenience. The unit operates on 9V DC power supply, with four AA batteries as backup in the event of a power loss.  Programmable leak detection settings, audible alarm, a special vacation mode and push-button reset provide simplicity and ease.

The Flood Breaker is installed on the water line where it enters the house. It monitors several aspects of water usage to determine when there is something unusual, indicating a leak.

In one case a homeowner installed the Flood Breaker and received a notification that there was some type of leak but couldn’t find the source. He called Taco for help to troubleshoot the problem. Per Taco’s instructions, he put food dye into his toilet system. He discovered that the toilet was leaking and was able to fix the issue.

The FloodBreaker™ is NSF 61 certified, is available in ¾”, 1” and 1 ¼” NPT connection sizes.

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