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Multi-Purpose Tank

Jan 28, 2013 | Events

Taco Offers New Multi-Purpose Tank

Taco’s commercial MPT (Multi-Purpose Tank) product line incorporates features of Taco’s buffer tank, 5900
and standard in-line air separator lines within a single product. This product line offers tank sizes ranging
in volume between 50 and 1050 gallons across 16 model sizes with nozzle connections varying between
2 and 10 inch as standard.

Each unit includes four flanged nozzles, a 2 inch full port blow down valve and a factory installed air vent.
The MPT tank series is designed, constructed, tested and stamped to the requirements of Section VIII,
Division 1 of the ASME code. Each tank is designed for 125 psi at 240° F.

The MPTs are available in un-insulated, Armaflex wrapped, or wound fiberglass insulation configurations.
Optional ¾” temperature/pressure sensing ports are available on each nozzle.

All MPT tanks are registered with the National Board and U1 papers are supplied if requested at the
time of order placement.

Detailed product information on this product line is now available at www.tacocomfort.com.

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