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Viridian High Efficiency Commercial Pump Line

Jan 28, 2013 | Events

Taco’s Enhanced Viridian High Efficiency Commercial Pump Line

Taco’s commercial, ECM, wet rotor Viridian pump offers up to 80 percent savings in energy consumption
compared to a standard commercial pump of the same size.

With fully automated, self-sensing variable speed operation, simple web style controls and capacities up to
375 GPM, the Viridian line serves a broad range of closed-loop heating and cooling HVAC applications.
An Ethernet connection to the pump allows for remote control, monitoring and adjustment without requiring the
involvement of IT or commissioning personnel. Any Viridian pump can be instantly accessed via a laptop using
standard internet browsers or any Wi-Fi enabled device.

The Viridian is suitable for fluid temperatures from 14°F to 230°F and water/glycol mixtures up to 50% concentration.
The VR15 and VR20 can accept 110-240/1 volts, while the larger VR25 and VR30 now operate in an expanded
range of 200-240/1 volts. All four models are now configured to provide a 25 percent increase in differential head

Recently included in programs like the BC Hydro Energy Initiative and National Grid’s energy saving rebate,
the pump provides a three year or better return on investment.

00e 1816

Taco's 00e 1816 Infinitely Variable Speed ECM High-Efficiency Circulator FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: John Vastyan, Common Ground, 717-664-0535;...

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