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Taco’s advanced Zone Sentry® Chilled Water Capable

Jan 23, 2012 | Events

Chicago, IL – January 23, 2012 – Taco has taken the capable and energy-saving Zone Sentry zone valve and added another feature to its list of advantages. The valve easily handles chilled water applications.

The valve excels in situations where condensate could be an issue for other zone valves. The plastic components of the valve’s actuator are corrosion-proof. The board is sealed, eliminating any chance of the electronic portion of the valve coming in contact with moisture.

The Zone Sentry’s patented technology uses a microcircuit-based logic to control a gear-driven electronically-actuated ball valve to control fluid flow. The advanced design uses up to 93% less energy than common zone valves while also delivering greater flow capacity and shutoff pressure. The flexible configuration of actuator and valve makes for simple, trouble free installations.

Its forged-brass valve body can be installed in any direction and the one handed lift-off actuator means that tight space is no longer a factor. The Zone Sentry is available in two-way normally open or normally closed and three way diverting, all in 1/2″ 3/4″, and 1″ versions. It’s a high efficiency addition to residential and light commercial applications.

Snap-in quick connects make for simple, secure and fast wiring hook-up. A green multi-function LED light shows operation and thermostat status. The manual override button with auto re-engagement allows the ball to be rotated to any position and is marked with a slot to indicate the exact position of the valve.

Taco’s new e-smart tag identifies Taco’s most resource-saving technology.

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