Potable Water Zone Sentry Zone Valve   

The Taco Potable Water Zone Sentry valve is certified to NSF 61 G and is available in a 2-way sweat configuration with either a normally open or normally closed actuator. Some typical installations would include combination a domestic water and hydronic heating system, culinary installation or water shut off to a potable system.

Certified NSF 61 G
1.44 watts in the on condition
Suitable for condensing environments
Universal installation orientation
Up to 12 valves on (1) 40VA transformer
Multi function LED assists with troubleshooting
Easy to wire quick connections
Bidirectional flow (you can't install the valve backwards)
The actuator mounts on the valve in either direction
125 PSI shut-off pressure
Quick release actuator mounting clip
Manual override button
Positional indicator shows the ball valves actual position