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PAX Series Potable Water Expansion Tanks

For Permanent Separation of Air and Water

Taco PAX Series Potable Water Expansion Tanks are bladder type tanks that provide permanent separation of air and water and designed for use in potable water systems. All wetted components are built of FDA approved materials and can be offered with NSF/ANSI 61-G Certification and Listing as an option. Taco PAX model expansion tanks feature a heavy-duty Butyl rubber bladder for long lasting performance.

PAX Series Potable Water Expansion Tanks are designed, constructed and tested to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 requirements. Computerized product selection helps you choose the Expansion Tank that is just the right fit for your application requirements. All fabrication is done in-house to assure a high level of quality.


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Performance Data

Capacity: 2.6-132 Gallons (10-500 Liters)
Diameters: 12-24″
Height: 12-85″
Working Pressure: 150 PSI, (Optional 175, 250)
Max. Operating Temp.: 240°F

  • Designed, constructed and tested to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 requirements.
  • SS System Connection
  • Heavy Duty butyl rubber bladder
  • Partial Acceptance bladder design (field replaceable)
  • All fabrication done in house
  • Computerized selections to ensure fast and easy design
  • National Board Registration
  • CRN registration (optional)
  • NSF/ANSI 61-G Certified and Listed (Optional)
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Closed Loop Chilled and Hot Water
Models & Related Documents

Tank Volume: 2.6 GAL, 10 L; Acceptance Volume: 1.7 GAL, 6.5 L

Tank Volume: 6.6 GAL, 25 L; Acceptance Volume: 4 GAL, 15 L

Tank Volume: 8 GAL, 30 L; Acceptance Volume: 5 GAL, 19 L

Tank Volume: 11 GAL, 42 L; Acceptance Volume: 5 GAL, 19 L

Tank Volume: 22 GAL, 84 L; Acceptance Volume: 12 GAL, 45 L

Tank Volume: 34 GAL, 130 L; Acceptance Volume: 19 GAL, 72 L

Tank Volume: 45 GAL, 170 L; Acceptance Volume: 24 GAL, 91 L

Tank Volume: 57 GAL, 215 L; Acceptance Volume: 31 GAL, 117 L

Tank Volume: 67 GAL, 254 L; Acceptance Volume: 34 GAL, 129 L

Tank Volume: 79 GAL, 300 L; Acceptance Volume: 43 GAL, 163 L

Tank Volume: 92 GAL, 350 L; Acceptance Volume: 43 GAL, 163 L

Tank Volume: 112 GAL, 425 L; Acceptance Volume: 61 GAL, 231 L

Tank Volume: 132 GAL, 500 L; Acceptance Volume: 61 GAL, 231 L

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