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5000 Series Heating Only Mixing Valves

For High-Performance Temperature Stability

Taco’s 5000 Series Heating Only Mixing Valves provide the high performance temperature stability required for today’s radiant heating systems, making it an ideal choice for a radiant heating system, whether in slab, over pours, or in joist bay heating installations. The 5000 Series Heating Only Mixing Valves have an extended mixing temperature range of 85 to 176°F (29 – 80°C). Features include tamper-resistance cap, low head-loss, outlet temperature strip and optional dial gauge and adaptor.

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Performance Data

CV: 2.3
Max. Flow: 20 GPM*
Min. Flow: 1 GPM
Hot Supply Temp.: 120-180˚F (49-82˚C)
Cold Supply Temp.: 39-80°F (5-27°C)
Max. Inlet Pressure: 230 PSI
Max. Variation in Supply Pressure: 20%
Min. Temp. Differential Between Hot Supply and Mixed: 10°F (5.6˚C)
Outlet Temp. Range: 85-175 F (29-80˚C)
Factory set to: 115-120˚F (41-45˚C)
Accuracy of Outlet Temp.: ± 3˚F
Connection Sizes: Sweat, NPT, Pex, CPVC Union

*NOTE: Flow should never exceed standards for pipe size.

  • Delivers Stable Mixed Water Temperature
  • Tamper-Resistance Cap
  • Low Headloss
  • Outlet Temperature Strip
  • Optional Dial Gauge and Adaptor
  • Check Valves Included
  • Radiant Heating Systems
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