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1600 Series In-Line Pumps

Designed for Reliable Performance and Easy Service

Taco 1600 Series In-Line Pumps feature a replaceable, permanently-lubricated bearing cartridge. The exclusive 1600 Series In-Line Pumps cool-bearing cartridge design isolates the bearing from the effects of system temperatures to greatly extend bearing life. A standard bearing design also means that a single bearing cartridge can be used to service the entire line, making servicing a snap. Taco 1600 Series In-Line Pumps are available in 15 models ranging in performance capacity from 20 to 200 GPM with head capacities up to 68 ft.

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Introducing eLink® Connectivity

eLink® is Taco Comfort Solutions’ line of cloud services, providing users access to their devices data and performance while giving them control over their comfort. Using a Taco product featuring eLink provides users with support, monitoring, or controls straight from their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. Now, it’s even easier to get important information, status updates and control of your Taco products. eLink provides the answer for both residential and commercial applications, just look for the logo to see if your product is connected.

Products featuring eLink are categorized into three application specific categories: Support, Monitoring, and Controls. These features of eLink identify how the cloud provides you with the support and control you require.

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LoadMatch® System

A LoadMatch® system is the marriage of two old ideas wrapped around a new technology. The old ideas are single pipe distribution and primary-secondary pumping. The new technology consists of the use of maintenance-free wet rotor circulators. The primary distribution system is a single pipe loop; the secondary distribution system is a decoupled secondary piping loop for each terminal unit in the system. The wet rotor circulator provides the specified flow to each terminal unit at all times. The simplicity of the Load-Match® concept allows you to specify one size of pipe for large portions of the system. In single loop installations, there is no limit to the number of coils you can install. Final pipe size is determined by the total load of the loop and ∆T. If your loop is heavily loaded, it’s practical to split the system into two loops with smaller pipe sizes. This change saves installation costs, energy, and money, and can reduce pump head, and lower hp. When loops are carrying equal loads and arranged symmetrically, they will nearly self-balance. The resulting configuration will keep balancing losses down and will lower ongoing energy costs.

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Performance Data

Flow Range: 20 – 200 GPM
Head Range: 10′ – 68′
Working Pressure: 175 PSI with cold water, 125 PSI at rated temperatureTemperature: 250°F Standard, 300°F with Hi-Temp Seal
HP: ¼- 3 
Sizes: 1 ½” – 2″

  • Cartridge Assembly
  • One Piece Enclosed Impeller
  • Cupro-Nickel Shaft Sleeve
  • Standard Mechanical Seal
  • Flexible Coupler
  • Resilient Mounted Motor
  • LoadMatch®Systems
  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Recirculation
  • Booster Service
  • Heating Systems
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Cooling Towers
  • Golf Courses
  • Dry Cleaning Plants
  • Livestock Watering
  • Bottle Washers
  • Lawn Sprinklers
Models & Related Documents

Flow: 7 – 76 GPM; Head: 6′ – 23′

Flow: 7 – 73 GPM; Head: 8′ – 43′

Flow: 9 – 97 GPM; Head: 21′ – 67′

Flow: 16 – 165 GPM; Head: 6′ – 38′

Flow: 23 – 230G PM; Head: 17′ – 64′

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