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Building Automation Systems

Taco offers two Building Automation solutions. Look to upgrade your current Building Automation System with the Clarity3™ or iWorX® platforms. Clarity3 is Taco’s field programmable BAS offering designed for easy installation and intuitive operation. Choosing Clarity3 enables users to Find, Learn, & Act on their buildings unique needs. Facility managers with more application-specific needs in mind should choose the iWorX BAS. iWorX controllers are application specific and are designed to be plug and play for quick installation.


Simple, turn-key BAS solution designed around the user, not the hardware.

Taco’s industry leading Clarity3™ control platform can provide powerful control options for any property and can be integrated into existing building controls through our GCE integration platform. This means seamless integration with most control manufacturers and advanced building analytics.


Flexible, easily-scalable building management, monitoring and control system.

iWorX® from Taco Comfort Solutions is a flexible, easily-scalable management, monitoring and control system designed specifically for commercial buildings of any size and high-end residential installations. iWorX is ideal for integrating forced air and hydronic systems, including geothermal and solar, and for assuring that each system communicates effectively and works smoothly together.

iWorX® & Clarity3™ Training

Hands-on training designed to get you familiar with installation, integration, and operation of the iWorX and Clarity3 products. 

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