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Vertical Turbine Pumps

Aug 30, 2019 | Products News

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Do you know that Taco’s VT Series Vertical Turbine Pumps, powered by Hydroflo Pumps, provide the ultimate in reliability and ease of installation? With 6” to 18” bowl diameters, the VT Series provides quiet, dependable performance for cooling tower and chilled water applications. Taco Vertical Turbine Pumps provide the ultimate in reliability and ease of installation. Applications include condenser water, chilled water, water transfer, pressure boosting and water supply. Quiet, dependable, with proven performance. The VT Series are ideal for applications including condenser water, chilled water, water transfer, pressure boosting and water supply.

Vertical turbine pumps are centrifugal pumps specially designed to move water from an underground well or reservoir. They’re also known a deep well turbine pumps or a line shaft turbine pumps. While submersible pumps have an electric motor located underwater at the bottom of the pump. However, the electric motor of a vertical turbine pump is located above ground, connected via a long vertical shaft to impellers at the bottom of the pump. Despite the name, these pump types have nothing to do with turbines. Instead the vertical turbine pumps are typically driven by an A.C. electric induction motor or by a diesel engine through a right angle drive. The pump end consists of at least one rotating impeller attached to a shaft that directs the well water into a diffuser casing (i.e. bowl).

NOTE: Pump is also available with 50Hz or 60Hz motors.

Additional features include:

  • Ductile iron discharge heads
  • 250 psi ductile iron stuffing box with stainless steel packing glands
  • Steel baseplate (option)
  • Standard 416 stainless steel shafting & couplings
  • Assembled with stainless steel bolts and impeller collets
  • Stainless steel basket strainer (option)
  • GE and US VHS motors standard with non-reverse ratchet and space heaters
  • High profile discharge head allows 2 piece head shaft
  • Dual 1/4” air release ports at top of discharge flange
  • 4” thru 10” discharge heads have matching centerlines
  • Stainless steel bearing retainers
  • Investment cast stainless steel impellers
  • Epoxy lined cast iron intermediate bowls
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