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Taco introduces iWorx Geothermal Controllers

Jan 23, 2012 | Events

Taco introduces iWorx Geothermal Controllers

Chicago, IL – January 23, 2012 – Taco iWorx® GHP and HPM controllers are designed to increase geothermal system efficiencies and assure occupant comfort under a variety of application requirements. The new controllers feature advanced control technology that provides multiple earth and load loop operational modes.

Through the use of its unique COP tracking technology, the GHP controls the variable speed earth loop pump independent from the system demand pump. The result is maximum system COP, optimum performance and lower operating costs.

The HPM provides two-stage, three-stage, or modulating control of geothermal heat pumps. It also includes energy monitoring capability, automatic and configurable reversing valve control, and automatic or manual heat/cool changeover.

Now iWorx also includes advanced hydronic controllers designed for emerging markets in chilled beam and BTU metering applications. The new iWorx controllers provide complete system control capability to maximize system efficiencies and simplify installation.

Learn more about how an iWorx system from Taco Electronic Solutions can help you by visiting www.tacocomfort.com.

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