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Taco’s Eclectic FloPro Neighborhood Appeals to Many Interests

Jan 31, 2011 | Residential

At the AHR Expo, Las Vegas, NV, January 31, 2011 – Taco has built a community. The industry-leading pump and HVAC systems manufacturer hopes you’ll consider, well, moving in.

Taco’s now well-established, online FloPro Team Neighborhood is a unique professional learning environment where HVAC Pros come to gather, share notes, ideas, successes and challenges.

“The Neighborhood gives contractors and hydronic professionals a place to ask questions, share jobsite experiences, photographs and advice with other like minded professionals,” says John Barba, Taco’s contractor training and trade program manager, and also the Neighborhood’s unofficial mayor.

According to Barba, the Neighborhood is where contractors, worldwide, can discuss all things relating to hydronics and home comfort, the latest solar thermal technology, and even the newest Harley, fly fishing gear or titanium driver.

All facets of social media has boomed overall over the last year, as has the FloPro Neighborhood “professional media”, which has increased its membership more than 10 fold in the past year. “It’s teaming with activity and excitement. People are chatting back and forth routinely and, as we get suggestions and recommendations, we jump on the improvements. So, just as you’d expect with the building of a neighborhood, it’s changing and getting better each day as members offer new ideas. ”

The Neighborhood permits professionals from all over the world to keep up with other industry professionals, make friends, swap installation pictures or join one of several professional and recreational groups. It’s an easy way to communicate with people who have the same interests, whether picking the right product for an application, solving a crazy piping problem, comparing best installation practices, or just talking about life in the trenches. And best of all, it’s for professionals only!

The Neighborhood also hosts Barba’s FloPro Blog where he artfully blends his two favorite topics: music and hydronic equipment. From the 80’s power ballads to resetting the new Taco iValve, Barba explores it all, with readers chuckling all the while.

Expect great business networking with a social aspect in Taco’s Neighborhood. And you won’t have to worry about being invited to play Farmville by your daughter’s bff. Visit: http://flopro.taco-hvac.com/login_reg2.html.

About Taco
Taco, Inc., headquartered in Cranston, RI, is a leading manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment, systems and accessories for hydronic-based applications in residential, commercial and institutional buildings worldwide.


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