00® Series Cartridge Circulators   

Rugged, versatile, quick and easy to install

With their self-lubricating design and no mechanical seal, Taco 00® Cartridge Circulators provide unmatched reliability that makes them maintenance free. Every Taco 00 and 00 IFC® circulator features a field-replaceable cartridge that contains all the moving parts. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the circulator, so field service is fast and simple. Their wide variety of configurations, flange orientation, mounting and other options, materials and capabilities provide you with great performance in a broad range of applications.

Taco 00 IFC Cartridge Circulators feature an Integral Flow Check (IFC) that eliminates the additional installation costs that go along with separate in-line flow checks, improves system performance and further reduces maintenance.

Performance Data

Flow (GPM): 0 - 52
Head: 0 - 32
HP: 1/40 - 1/8
Sizes: 1/2", 3/4" Swt., (IFC Model): 1/2", 3/4" Sweat or Union


Standard High Capacity Output--Compact Design
Quiet, Efficient Operation
Direct Drive--Low Power Consumption
Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design--Field Serviceable
Self lubricating
No Mechanical Seal
Unmatched Reliability--Maintenance Free
Optional Integral Flow Check (IFC®)
Prevents Gravity Flow/Reverse Flow
Eliminates Separate In-Line Flow Check
Reduces Installed Cost
Improves System Performance
Optional Zoning Relay

00® Series Cartridge Circulators

Catalogs (38)

TitleSheet NumberEffective Date
00 Timer Aquastat100-2.512/10/2015
0012 and 0013 Multi-Speed Cartridge Circulator with Integral Flow Check06/26/2015
3-Speed Cartridge Circulator100-5106/26/2015
Domestic Hot Water Recirculation Systems100-4109/02/2015
Domestic Hot Water Systems and Plumbing Products100-11709/02/2015
Freedom Flanges100-7.309/28/2016
Loadmatch Brochure100-1307/25/08
Loadmatch Circulators100-9.9January 10, 2008
Model 0010 Cartridge Circulator - Bronze100-2.102/17/2016
Model 0010 Cartridge Circulator - Cast Iron SS-fitted models100-2.101/01/2015
Model 0010-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-2002/17/2016
Model 0011 Cartridge Circulator100-2.311/24/2015
Model 0011-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-2101/01/2015
Model 0012 Cartridge Circulator100-2.401/01/2015
Model 0012-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-3001/01/2015
Model 0013 Cartridge Circulator100-6.401/01/2015
Model 0014 Cartridge Circulator100-6.501/01/2015
Model 0014-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-2301/01/2015
Model 003 Cartridge Circulator100-6.103/20/2017
Model 003-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-8.603/29/2017
Model 003/006 Plumb n Plug Cartridge Circulators100-6.604/01/14
Model 005 Cartridge Circulator100-1.604/09/2013
Model 005-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-8.704/09/2013
Model 006 Cartridge Circulator100-1.703/17/2017
Model 006 Flanged Cartridge Circulator100-2706/06/2011
Model 006-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-6.703/29/2017
Model 007 Cartridge Circulator100-1.806/10/2015
Model 007-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-6.903/25/2013
Model 008 Cartridge Circulator100-1.904/15/13
Model 008-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-7.004/16/13
Model 009 Cartridge Circulator100-2.001/01/2015
Model 009-IFC Cartridge Circulator100-2911/24/2015
Radiant Mixing Block100-025February 1, 2004
Shut-off Freedom Swivel-Flange100-5608/02/11
Variable Speed Delta T 00 Circulators100-6809/11/09
Variable Speed Solar Control "00" Circulator100-7301/02/09
Variable Speed "00" Circulators100-02411/01/03
"00" Series Cartridge Circulators100-8.508/01/06

00® Series Cartridge Circulators

Submittal Data Sheets (34)

TitleSheet NumberEffective Date
"00" Timers / Aquastat101-03606/14/2014
0012 and 0013 3-Speed Circulators with IFC06/26/2015
3-Speed Cartridge Circulator101-12506/25/2015
Freedom Flanges100-06909/28/2016
LoadMatch Circulator101-9.901/05/2015
Model 0010 Cartridge Circulator101-03302/17/2016
Model 0010-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-08502/17/2016
Model 0011 Cartridge Circulator101-03401/01/2015
Model 0011-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-8401/01/2015
Model 0012 Cartridge Circulator101-03501/01/2015
Model 0012-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-10001/01/2015
Model 0013 Cartridge Circulator101-06401/01/2015
Model 0013-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-08601/01/2015
Model 0014 Cartridge Circulator101-6501/01/2015
Model 0014-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-8701/01/2015
Model 003 Cartridge Circulator101-6103/20/2017
Model 003-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-08203/29/2017
Model 005 Cartridge Circulator101-03006/06/2011
Model 005-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-08306/06/2011
Model 006 Cartridge Circulator101-02803/17/2017
Model 006 Flanged Cartridge Circulator101-9706/06/2011
Model 006-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-06703/29/2017
Model 007 Cartridge Circulator101-02906/10/2015
Model 007-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-07706/07/10
Model 008 Cartridge Circulator101-03105/08/09
Model 008-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-07806/17/10
Model 009 Cartridge Circulator101-3201/01/2015
Model 009-IFC Cartridge Circulator101-9901/01/2015
Plumb n Plug101-06602/14/14
Radiant Mixing Block101-095February 1, 2004
Shut-off Freedom Swivel-Flange101-13208/02/11
Variable Speed101-09111/01/03
Variable Speed Delta T 00 Circulators101-133September 11, 2009
Variable Speed Solar Control "00" Circulator101-13501/02/2009

00® Series Cartridge Circulators

"00" Cross Reference (2)

TitleSheet NumberEffective Date
"00" Cross Reference08/24/2015
DHW Cross Reference05/22/15