Radiant Systems X-Pump Block   

The Taco X-Pump Block™ (XPB) is another breakthrough in the design, control and installation of radiant systems that delivers unmatched flexibility in a single unit. It is equally effective when used with open or closed systems, barrier or non-barrier tubing and where the system heat source is a boiler or water heater.

The Taco X-Pump Block™ combines a variable speed mixing control, a heat source circulator, system circulator and heat exchanger in a single unit. This combination delivers complete system isolation between the heat generation side of the system and the heat delivery side, whether radiant tubing, glycol based snowmelt, baseboard, etc.

  • Use as an outdoor reset control, a setpoint control or a delta T limiting control.
  • Requires only four pipe connections for complete installation.
  • Does not require special piping, balancing valve, closely spaced tees, external control or complex wiring
Radiant Systems
X-Pump Block
GPM (gal): 0-7.5 • Head (ft): 0-15.5 • HP: 2 • Sizes (in): 3/4:" NPT