00® Series Variable Speed Outdoor Reset   

For Easy Outdoor Reset Control

The Outdoor Reset Circulator controls the hot water supply temperature, so that the heat supplied to the building equals the heat loss of the building. The 00-VR modulates the circulator to inject hot water from the boiler loop into the radiant or reduced temperature loop while providing Outdoor Reset to a heating system. Available in any style 003 – 0014, the 00-VR also comes with a boiler sensor to protect against low return temperatures. The 00-VR is the ultimate for protection, control, ease of installation, and trouble-free operation.

Performance Data

Available in Models 003 - 0014
See specific model for the following data:

Flow (GPM)
Head (ft)
Min. Fluid Temperature
Max. Fluid Temperature
Max. Working Pressure
Connection Sizes


00® Reliability
Available in sizes 003 - 0014
All-in-One Pump/Control
Sensors Included
Easy to Wire
UL Approved
Snap-in PC Board
Fuse Protected
Plug-in Low-Voltage Terminal
Optional Integral Flow Check (IFC®)
Simplifies Piping
Prevents Gravity Flow/Reverse Flow
Eliminates Separate In-Line Flow Check
Reduces Installed Cost
Improves System Performance
Adjustable Heating Curve (0.2 - 2.2)
Selectable Max. Supply Temp. (110*F, 130*F, 150*F or Off)
Selectable Min. Boiler Return Temp. (85*F or Off, Default to Heating Curve)
System and/or Boiler Pump Contact (Line Voltage 5 amp or Off)
LED Status Panel
Pump Exercise
Post Purge
Fail Safe Mode
2-Second Start Delay to Prevent Short Cycling