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Smart Starters TDX Duplex Starter

Smart Starters TDX Duplex Starter

The Smart Starters TDX Duplex Starter does more than just alternate control of your pumps. It has superior protection features such as Smartstart technology, underload (dry run) protection, and an enhanced class 10 electronic overload. The Smart Starters TDX Duplex Starter is easy to set up and use, accepting input voltages of 200-600 VAC directly, and possessing a wide range overload to eliminate sizing issues when it gets to the job site. It also includes a dry contact auto-run input and fault relay output to reduce the need for external relays. 

Advanced technology behind the Smartstart predicts a safe operating range for your motor, detects harmful extended starting conditions with a maximum start time and uses active current monitoring to provide superior protection against locked rotor and stall conditions.

Smartstart® is a registered trademark of Franklin Control Systems Inc.

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1 & 3 phase
200-600 VAC
Enclosure Rating: 3R enclosure

  • Alternating Control to Extend Pump Life
  • Integrated Smartstart® Electronic Pump Protection
  • Multi-Voltage Operating Range with Automation I/O
  • Industrial Grade Construction
  • Include MCP Disconnect
  • Parallel Pump Alternation Applications
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