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Radiant Systems Products

Taco Radiant Products will change the way you design, install and control your radiant systems. You’ll spend less time, face fewer problems and get better results. With Taco Radiant Products you get simplified system configuration that lets you install systems faster, optimum system flexibility and control and the quality and reliability you expect from Taco.

All-In-One Radiant
The Radiant Mixing Block® is a complete injection mixing system in one handy package. The X-Pump Block® adds a heat exchanger for complete system isolation.

Precision Temperature Control
For precise, cost-effective temperature control in every zone, choose iSeries® Mixing Valves. The iSeries modulates a 2-, 3-, or 4-way valve, and comes with a full featured outdoor reset or setpoint control built right into the actuator.

High-Efficiency Circulators
For added reliability, install an Outdoor Reset, Setpoint, or Variable Voltage variable speed circulator. Or add high-efficiency performance with a new 00e® Series ECM circulator. There’s a model that’s just right for your job.

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Performance Data

See Radiant Components for specific individual product performance data

  • Suitable for new constructions with large rooms and high ceilings, improving both performance and comfort
  • Easily-adjustable comfort levels and heating controls
  • Energy savings and reduced bills
  • More free space is available, by eliminating forced air systems and their associated ducts
  • Air moves by natural convection, minimizing the spread of dust and allergens
  • Silent operation
  • Universal control
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Snow and Ice Melt
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