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Hydro-Sep™ Hydraulic Separator

Hydro-Sep™ Hydraulic Separator

Taco’s Hydro-Sep™ Hydraulic Separators are compact economical units that allow fast and efficient installation of primary/secondary piping for many different boilers. Installing this unique Hydraulic Separator offers the additional advantages of assisting in the removal of unwanted air and dirt particles, preventing their damaging affects on system components. It is especially suitable for today’s smaller boilers that tend to have a much higher flow resistance.

The Taco Hydro-Sep™ Hydraulic Separator is the ideal piping companion for today’s widespread usage of Primary Secondary piping. By installing the efficient and compact Taco Hydro-Sep™ Hydraulic Separator piping errors can be prevented, installation time reduced and valuable mechanical room space saved. On systems using boilers with higher pressure drops, the hydraulic separator allows for the possible use of a smaller zone circulator because it is not required to overcome the additional head loss associated with the boiler. At the same time the boiler pump can maintain constant flow through the boiler. The Hydro-Sep™ Hydraulic Separator also has the added benefits of venting air by means of the Taco Hy-Vent® and sediment removal via the bottom valve.

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Performance Data

Max Flow: 1″ (11 gpm), 1-¼” (15 gpm)
Max Pressure: 250 psig
Max Temp: 240° F 
Connections: 1″ & 1-¼” Copper Sweat
Media: Water or Glycol up to 50%

  • Small space saving design
  • Rugged all copper construction
  • Suitable for use with oxygenated water heating systems
  • Blow down port for sediment removal
  • High quality, industry standard automatic Taco Hy-Vent®
  • Wall mounting brackets
  • Closed Loop Hydronic Heating & Cooling Applications using Zone Valves or Circulators
  • Mod-Con Boilers or any Flow Sensitive Boiler Applications
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