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Freedom Flange

Freedom Flange

Taco Freedom Flange® fits all “00” Circulators and free you from scraped knuckles and jury rigged tools. Easy-On/Easy-Off and sweat designs, and two-piece bronze shut-off valves let you make quick work of pump installation and maintenance.

Lead-Free Shut-Off Freedom Flange®

Taco Lead-Free Shut-Off Freedom Flange combines a full-port shut-off ball valve and companion flange to isolate system circulators for easy removal and service, without draining the system. Simplify your next circulator installation while saving material and labor costs. Solid brass uni-body construction, available in ½”–1½” Press, NPT or Sweat connections. The swivel-flange provides easier installation allows you to position the pump and lever handle in the most convenient location.


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Freedom Flange®
Max. Water Pressure: 150 PSI
Max. Operating Temp.: 240°F (115C°)
Available Sizes: ¾”-3″ NPT, ½”-1½” Sweat

Lead-Free Shutoff Freedom Flange®

Max. Water Pressure:  150 PSI
Max. Operating Temp.: 240°F (115C°)
Available Sizes: ¾”-1½” Press, ½”-1½” NPT,  ½”-1½” Sweat



Freedom Flange®

  • Freedom Flange Fits All “00” Circulators
  • Available in ductile iron or stainless steel NPT, bronze Sweat
  • Unique Hex Design Provides Easy-On, Easy-Off Installation with a Standard Adjustable Wrench

Lead-Free Shutoff Freedom Flange®

  • Easy ¼-Turn Open/Close operation
  • Positive Shut-Off, Leak Free Design
  • Swivel-Flange Allows 360˚ Rotation
  • Solid Lead-Free Brass Construction
  • Chrome/Brass Valve Ball
  • High Quality Teflon® Seats
  • Full Port Ball Valve for UnrestrictedFlow
  • Includes Bolts and Nuts
  • Domestic Hot Water RecirculationSystems
  • Hydronic Heating & Chilled Water Cooling
  • Solar / Geothermal Systems
  • Radiant Heating Systems
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Bronze & Stainless Steel Models


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