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5120 Series Lead-Free Mixing Valve

ASSE 1070 For a Broad Range of Installation Types

The versatile 5120 Series Lead-Free Mixing Valve (NSF 61, ASSE 1017 and ASSE 1070 certified) provides the ultimate performance for domestic hot water applications. The 5120 Series Lead-Free Mixing Valve ASSE 1017 certification allows for domestic hot water storage at temperatures high enough to increase the effective storage capacity of a water heater, kill harmful bacteria and still be delivered at a safe 120°F or less. The design and advanced thermostatic element ensures a stable mixed water temperature throughout the valve’s adjustable range. The ASSE 1070 listing allows for point-of-use applications in homes, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and public facilities, etc., where a 1070 valve is required.

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Performance Data

Cv: 1.8
Max. Flow: 14 GPM*
Min. Flow: 1 GPM*
Hot Supply Temp.: 120-180˚F (49-82˚C)
Cold Supply Temp.: 39-80°F (5-27°C)
Max. Inlet Pressure: 200 PSI
Max. Variation in Supply Pressure: 20%
Min. Temp. Differential Between Hot Supply and Mixed: 10°F (5.6˚C)
Outlet Temp. Range: 85-120˚F (29-49˚C)
Factory set to: 115-120˚F (41-45˚C)
Accuracy of Outlet Temp.: ( + ) 3˚ F
Connection Sizes: Sweat, NPT, Pex, Press & CPVC Union

*NOTE: Flow should never exceed standards for pipe size

  • < .25% lead
  • Dual Listed for ASSE 1017 and 1070
  • UPC Certified
  • Check Valves Included
  • Lockable Max. Temperature Setting
  • Outlet Temperature Strip
  • Optional Dial Gauge and Adaptor
  • Potable Water
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