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Residential Circulators

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Are Taco pumps self priming, or does Taco make a self-priming pump?

No, but all Taco pumps will lift water if you follow these steps:

  1. Install a foot valve (check valve) at the end of a pipe submerged in a tank,
  2. Fill the line and pump with the fluid to be pumped, and
  3. Make sure the NPSH required of the pump is satisfied.
Are the Cast iron and bronze and Stainless 00 circulators furnished with Norel impellers?

Bronze and stainless circulators are equipped with Norel (black) impellers. The cast iron models are equipped with polypropylene (white) impellers.

Can a 60 cycle 00″ Series circulator run at the lower 50 cycle?

Yes, however there will be approximately 10% degradation in output. As the cycles are reduced, so is the pump speed causing the reduction in output. Additionally, I should mention that a 50 cycle pump cannot operate at a higher cycle.

Can I install a 00 circulator outside?

Yes, as long as it is protected by the elements. We recommend some type of shroud.

Can I monitor the pump’s status externally?

Yes, using the relay outputs (NO or NC) you can see if the pump is running, off, in alarm mode or the status of I2.

Can I use a potentiometer , or rheostat to control the flow rate of a 00 pump?

You can use a potentiometer similar to a one used to control a ceiling fan. However, the motor can get hot and cause premature failure. For that reason it’s not recommended

Can I, the homeowner, install a 00 cartridge myself?

If you have shut off valves before and after the circulator, it would be a piece of cake. If not, you will have to drain off the excess pressure of the system after you have shut off the supply water, which is normally just before the pressure reducing valve. Close off all the valves in the water piping around the boiler, including air vents. Turn off the power to the boiler and make sure no zone valves are open.

  • Open the drain in the boiler again to relieve any residual water. You now should be able to remove the four 5/16 hex head screws. Have a bucket beneath the pump as there will still be some water in the line. Once the water has stopped draining, you can remove the motor completely.
  • Pull the cartridge from the plate and motor. Insert the new cartridge through the plate and into the motor. The plate should come up under the flange of the cartridge.
  • Remove the old o-ring from the casing and install the new o-ring.
  • Pick up the motor and cartridge assembly and position it against the casing. Note that the flange of the cartridge should seal against the o-ring. Line up the bolt holes and install the screws. Here comes the hard part if you don\’t have shut off valves at the pump:
    1. Open the feed valve to the system. The pressure gage on the boiler should rise to 12PSI. If you have zone valves, open one valve manually.
    2. Hook up a hose to the hose bib on the return line for that zone or on the main return header.
    3. Using the fast fill lever on the pressure reducing valve, get the boiler pressure up to 28psi. When it reaches that point, open the hose bib on the return while keeping the fast fill open. If the pressure drops down to 15psi, close the hose bib until the pressure rises to 28, then open the hose bib again. Do this several times until the water comes out steady, with no air, from the hose. Release the fast fill and close the hose bib.
    4. Close the first zone valve and go to the next and open it. Move the hose to the hose bib on this zone return (if there is one), or leave the hose on the hose bib on the return header. Repeat the purging process. Do this whole process to each zone.
    5. When you are finished, close the zone valves, Pressure Reducing Valve on auto. Open all valves that were originally open, and all air vents. Turn on the power and you should be ready to fire up the system.
Can standard pump seals (ethylene propylene, and carbon on ceramic) be used when pumping ethylene or propylene glycol?

Yes. The glycol does not cause the seal to leak. The leak is caused by the excess treatments, and the presence of sodium silicate, which is abrasive to the seal faces. The suction pressure should be maintained so the glycol does not vaporize at the seal faces and leave deposits on the faces.

Can Taco 00 series circulators be used to pump fluid other than water?

Taco 00 series pumps can be used to pump fluids other than water. However, the media has to be compatible with {EPDM elastomer} o-rings used on the pump. Additionally, there is a temperature / viscosity curve that needs to be considered when pumping a media that is temperature sensitive meaning that the pump curves will behave differently with media of different viscosities.

Link: Compatibility Guide

Can the vent on the top of the RMB be replaced? What is the model number?

Yes, it is model number 419-1.

Can you help select a comparable taco pump to replace my B & G 100 series?
The Taco 110, 3 pc pump is the same as the B & G. As an alternative to the 110 pump, the taco circulator 0010, or the 007 will also work. curve.
Have multiple zones, each with its own circulator. Why is Hot water passing into zones that are not calling for heat?

If you are not using zone valves, you need either Flo-Checks or a circulator with an Internal Flow Check (IFC). This is required to prevent thermosyphoning, a condition in which lighter, hot water rises, and heavier, cool water sinks, causing a flow in the system.

How do I replace the cartridge in my 00 circulator?

Isolate the pump. Remove the 4 bolts between the motor housing and casing. Pull the cartridge out by grabbing the impeller. Slide the new cartridge in and reassemble the pump. For additional information see attached instructions.

Link: 00 Instructions

How do I size a circulator, or pump for my system?

We offer a document TD10 that can step you through the process of sizing a circulator. Please refer to the attached documents for additional information.

Link: Selecting and Sizing a Pump

How do I wire a 00 series pump?

From the electrical box, there will be a yellow and a white wire. Your 120v power supply can be attached to either color and the pump will always run correctly. (ex. you can attach black to yellow and white to white or vise versa).

How do you set the 24-hour timer?

Turn the dial clockwise until the hour and minute hand are approximately set and the exact time, in 15-minute intervals, is lined up with the pointer at the 2 o’clock position. To set the on/off times in 15-minute intervals, push the tripper levers away from the face for ON operation. Leave the tripper pointing toward the center for OFF operation. For automatic operation, the small, white button at the 4 o’clock position on the inner area of the dial should be in the middle of the slot. All the way UP is ON constant and all the way DOWN is OFF constant.

How does your 00 series, ECM motor type pumps measure flow with no external sensors?

The pump’s brain calculates flow by seeing changes in the relationship between the magnetic field of the PM rotor and stator as the system curve changes the loading on the impeller.

How should a single pipe hydronic system be installed in a 1200 sq. ft. home with baseboards?

Assuming you have a 30×40 home and all walls are covered with baseboard, you would have about 140 ft. of baseboard. At 600 BTU/Hr./Ft. x 140 ft. = 84000 BTU/Hr. The GPM required at 20 differential temperature would be calculated by the formula: BTU load = 500 x delta T x GPM. Solve for GPM. 500 x 20 = 10000. The load is 84000 divided by 10000 = 8.4 GPM. Split the loop in half and put 4.2 GPM down each side.

I have a 00 circulating pump that stopped working. It does nothing when plugged in, but gets very hot. Do I have to replace the whole pump or only a part?

Since this is a water recirculating pump, minerals in the water exchange inside the pump can eventually bind the pump rotor. The pump is constructed so the rotating part of the pump, and not the whole pump, can be replaced if the rotor has bound up. The motor can stall and not burn up. The part number for the cartridge is 005-020R. Hopefully, you have shut off valves on either side of the circulator. If not, you\’ll have to shut off the water to the hot water heater and drain the pressure from the line by opening a hot water faucet. Remove the four 5/16\” hex screws that hold the motor to the pump casing. Once the motor is free from the pump housing, grab the impeller and see if it will turn. If it is bound, pull the cartridge from the motor and note that the cartridge passes through the plate into the motor. Grab the cartridge with one hand and the impeller with the other and try to free the impeller. If it\’s truly locked, it will slip on the shaft and you definitely need a new cartridge.

The reason I wanted to try and free up the impeller was to see if the motor was still good and if it would start the rotor/impeller. If you do free the cartridge, you will still need a new one in the near future, but you can test the motor by installing the cartridge in the motor and energizing it. If it starts, you are good to go. If it doesn\’t, grab the impeller and give it a spin. If it runs, turn off the power and then turn it back on again. If it starts by itself, the motor is good, but you still need a new cartridge.

I have a 006-B2 pump that is not working properly. My electric water heater is 2 years old and the water coming out of the outlets is not hot.

The 006-B2 does not make the hot water. It is used to recirculate the hot water around the house, but the water must be hot in the hot water heater. Open a hot water faucet and feel the pipe coming out of the hot water tank to see if it is hot. If it isn\’t, the heating element in your tank might have failed or the circuit breaker has tripped.

If the hot water heater is OK, you need to check the pump. Is there a timer on the pump or is it connected directly to run all the time? If there is a switch nearby, put the blade of a screwdriver to the casing and the handle to your ear. Turn off the pump and listen for a change in sound. Turn the switch on again and listen to a change in sound. If you hear the motor coast down and speed up, the pump motor is OK but the impeller might have dissolved. The hot domestic water in some areas has dissolved some impellers. We have changed over to a different plastic to solve this problem.

If the motor is cold, you either don\’t have any power to the circulator, or the motor windings are fried. If the motor is fried, you will have to buy a new circulator, but you will not have to solder the new pump into the line. Unbolt the four 5/16\” hex screws holding the motor housing to the casing and transfer the new motor and cartridge to the new casing. Put the new o-ring into the old casing.

If the motor is hot, it\’s possible that the rotor is locked and you\’ll need a new cartridge. Either way, you\’ll have to take the pump apart to check the cartridge. The replacement cartridge part number is 007-045. I hope there are shut off valves before and after the circulator, otherwise you\’ll get wet. If the pump connects to the top of the cold water line, you can shut off the cold water supply and not have to drain anything. Don\’t open any hot water faucets and you can hold the water in the pipes. The latest 006 is a 006-B4.

I have a 007 Pump that came with two circular gaskets. I was told to install it with the gasket in the groove of the pump, and to use a second, larger gasket which is in the shape of the flange, on top of it. Is this correct?

If you are mating with a flat pipe pump flange, we recommend using just the square, cross-section o-rings in the groove of the pump flange. If you are using our shut-off flanges, use the o-ring and the flat gasket that comes with the flanges.

I have a 008-S7 or a 008-V2. Are there replacements for these models?

These are obsolete models. The 008-S7 was a variation of our 008-V1(V2) Solar pump but had a special Viton o-ring seal for use with hydrocarbon fluids. That pump has long since been discontinued when the Solar industry declined. But to replace the pump we suggest the following: To just replace just the catridge; use a 008-044RP cartridge. Or you can replace the motor with cartridge just use a new 008-F4, remove the cast iron casing and o-ring, replace with the Viton o-ring (for an oil solar system) (part # 008-047RP) and attach the new motor/cartridge assembly to the old casing. You may need four 10-32 nuts to attach to the old screws since our motor housing is now stamped steel instead of cast aluminum. Most suppliers will not stock the Viton or-ring so it will be a special order.

I need a pump for a drain-down solar hot water system. What is the right selection for a 12 foot head?

When selecting a pump for a drain down system, you need to know the elevation of the top of the solar collectors to the pump in the basement at the tank. We had originally designed a 009 pump for drain down system with a head of 34FT. Once the return line is full and coming back to the tank, the siphon effect takes over and you only need a pump that can overcome system resistance.

I wanted to compare different pumps to see which one would meet my needs. Couldn’t find anything that would show me a side by side comparison. So I moved on. Way to difficult to find anything here.

Thank you very much for visiting the Taco Web Site. I am sorry that you found our Pump Wizard too difficult to use. Because of the amount of space available on screen, we do not show side by side pump performance curves for comparison. However, when you make a pump selection, we show a table of data with information on impeller diameter, RPM, NPSHr, Efficiency, HP, Non-oveloading HP and connection sizes. In the table, we also show a “thumbnail” of the actual pump performance curve (too small for much analysis, but you can see where your design point falls relative to the max and min impeller diameters and the ends of the impeller curves). Selecting a pump from the list of pumps opens a tab on the page with a larger performance curve and more specific information on the pump selected. This tab also allows you to open a full size performance curve as well as access any of the literature associated with the particular pump. When you are done analyzing the pump, you can either close the tab, or click on the “Results” tab to analyze another pump. Selecting another pump will open another tab so you can quickly go back and forth between pumps. Changing the input parameters while on the results page will select a range of new pumps while leaving all other pump tabs unchanged. I would be very interested in hearing any suggestions you have to make the Pump Selection Wizard easier to use, especially for comparison purposes. Our goal is to make our site the easiest to use I the industry. 

If my RMB is set up in the Delta T mode can I control the temperature to a fixed temperature?

No, there are three modes of operation delta T, set point, and reset. If your design mode is delta T, it will maintain a fixed delta. If it’s a set point mode, it will deliver a certain temperature only, and outdoor reset looks at outside air temperature. Having said that, it’s important to first determine which mode of operation meets your design criteria.

Is it ok for my 00 series pump to run all the time?

Yes, Taco 00 series pumps are designed to run 24/7 with no detriment to the pump, and or motor.

Is the location of the pump important in relation to the expansion tank and boiler?

Yes, the expansion tank is the point of no pressure change. If the pump is placed so that it pumps toward the expansion tank, the head produced by the pump will show up as a drop in pressure on the suction side of the pump. This drop in pressure is equal to the head produced by the pump. A pump that develops more than 12 feet of head should be piped so it pumps away from the expansion tank. This way, the head produced by the pump will show up as a rise in system pressure on the discharge of the pump. The positive pressure will improve the elimination of air problems in a system.

The expansion tank and pump should be located after the boiler so the boiler is also at the point of no pressure change. The Pressure Reducing Valve (fill valve) should be connected next to the expansion tank.

My 00 series circulator is running but I am not getting hot water.

This is a typical symptom of an air blockage in the volute of the pump. The system will need to be purged of air or you can try burping the pump to get the air blockage cleared.

My 00 Series Circulator Motor housing is hot to the touch. Is it OK?

Yes, these circulator do run hot and would probably burn your hand if you left it on the motor housing. The motor is cooled by the system fluid and the windings have high temperature insulation. The motor windings are impedance protected.

My circulator turns on, but why won't the pump pump any water?

Sounds like there could be an air blockage in the volute of the pump. The system needs to be purged of air.

Link: Air Elimination

My Taco strap on Aquastat does not turn the pump on and off accurately. Do I have a bad unit?

You do not have a bad unit. The Aquastat depends on good heat transfer for the unit to operate properly. To improve the heat transfer, wrap some bare copper wire around the clip and between the clip and body of the Aquastat. The pipe and Aquastat should now be insulated. This should solve your accuracy problems.

What are the cartridge part Numbers for the XPB?

They both take the 008 ss cartridge, part # 008-045RP.

What are the model numbers of the cartridges on the RMB?

The top (injection) pump cartridge part # is 005-020RP. The bottom (system) pump cartridge part # is 008-045RP.

How to fix a Boiler Sensor Error on an RMB or XPB.

First, you will need to go into the ADJUST menu and turn the Boiler Min setting to “off”. Make sure you hit the item button after setting the boiler min to off to save it. Next, on the back of the control, you will need to put the toggle switch in the upper right hand corner to the “off” position. You will then need to unplug the unit, wait approx 15 seconds and turn the unit back on. Error should be gone.

What are the model numbers of the circulators on the RMB?

The top pump (injection pump) is a 006-stainless and the bottom pump (system pump) is a 008-stainless.

What are the motor replacement numbers on the RMB?

The top (injection) motor is part # 193-015RP. The bottom (system) motor is part # 193-016RP.

What are the replacement motor numbers for the XPB?

The top (variable speed, boiler) pump is part # 193-024RP. The bottom (radiant) pump is part # 193-025RP.

What circulator will replace the old 150, 152, & 195?

For small and medium size systems (3 & 4 zone), the 007 will do just fine. The 0010 should be used for systems up to 7 zones. These selections are good if proper pipe sizing is followed.

What does the 007-BF5-J nomenclature mean?

This is a 007 pump with an iron casing and a stainless steel cartridge originally designed for boiler manufacturers that wet test the boilers. It is also commonly used in open systems such as wood boilers.

What effect does ethylene glycol or propylene glycol have on pumps?

Typically, with a 30 to 40% concentration and at 40°F, the specific gravity of the fluid increases the brake horsepower. On pumps operating fewer than 10gpm, there is no correction for head, flow and horsepower.

What happens to the performance of pumps when they are piped in parallel or in series?

If pumps are piped in parallel, the flow produced by each pump will be additive, at the same head of each pump. For example, if one pump puts out 20GPM at 35 ft. and another puts out 30GPM at 35ft., the total flow at 35ft. head will be 50GPM. If pumps are piped in series, their heads will be additive, at the same flow rate. For example, if one pump puts out 20ft at 15GPM and another puts out 25ft at 15GPM, the total head will be 45ft at 15GPM.

What is a good circulator for an injection pump application?

A Taco Variable Speed Circulator with integral flow check is a good candidate for injection pump applications. The integral flow check facilitates piping and saves money. Flow checks on the supply and return will minimize migration into the secondary loop. Even though the tees for the secondary loop are closely spaced together at the piping interface, the pressure drop is still not eliminated. Without some type of flow control valve, some hot water will migrate from the primary circuit into the secondary circuit while it’s inactive. From a performance perspective, the advantage of using an injection pump with an IFC is the minimal pressure drop through the valve. Additionally, it only takes approximately 1/4 psi to open the valve, sufficient to prevent any hot water from flowing freely into the secondary circuit when the pump is idle.

What is the difference between a 007 Green and a 007 Black?

Nothing, except for the color. Taco Green is synonymous with cast iron circulators that are merchandized through normal retail outlets. The Black colored pumps are synonymus with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

What is the difference between NPSHA and NPSHR?

NPSHA stands for Net Positive Suction Head Available. NPSHR stands for Net Positive Suction Head Required. It’s basically checks and balances; you need to have enough available to satisfy the required.

What is the proper way to mount my 00 circulator?

We like to see the motor end of pump in a horizontal position (parralel with the floor), with the electrical box at the 3, 9 or 12 o’clock position, never under or at the 6 o’clock position. The circ can be mounted with the motor in a verticle position (motor end facing ceiling), as long as there is more than 20 psi in the system.

What procedure should be followed when purging air from a loop that has an IFC circulator?

If a 007-IFC is piped on the supply and pumping away from the expansion tank, the normal purging of a zone or of the system should purge the system. Remember to close the main return valve and purge before it.If the 007-IFC is on the return, close the main return and place a purge valve between it and the pump so the zone water is purged through the pump. An IFC pump on the return can create a problem because air sometimes stays in the pump. Remember to open the main return valve after purging. The higher you raise the system pressure without lifting the relief valve, the better the purge. You can do this by manually opening the fill valve and opening the purge valve just as the pressure reaches 30 psi.

When selecting a pump, do I include the head required to get the water to the top of the system?

Not if it is a closed loop system and the fill pressure is set to equal the elevation + some extra. If the system is charged properly, the pump will need to overcome only the system resistance. In an open system, if the return line comes all the way back to the tank, the pump needs only enough head to fill all the piping. Once the piping is filled and the fluid is flowing back, the pump only has to take care of the system resistance and the gap between the top of the fluid in the tank and the end of the pipe.

Where can I get instructions for diagnostics on a 00 series pump?

To evaluate a pump without dismantling the pump, a clamp amp is recommended to measure the amp load. If it’s close to nameplate amps, the pump could be running but not pumping water. This would suggest a system related problem, where simply purging the system should correct the problem. If the Amp reading is approx. 1 1/2 times nameplate amp, you’re in a locked rotor condition. Replacing the cartridge assembly will rebuild the pump.

Link: Purging

Why doesn’t my digital timer show a display?

The reset “R” button needs to first be pressed to bring on the display

Why is my hot water coming out of the cold water line?

The pressure drop is high enough to suck hot water from the cold line when the cold water is used. remedy; install another check valve in series with the with the 18 inch pound one already installed in the pump.

Why is my RMB making a chattering or growling noise?

It could be that the flow is too low causing the check valve to chatter. The check valve can be removed. It is located in the top left hand port where the boiler supply comes in.

Will a 006-B4 replace a 006-B4-3?

The 006-B4-3 has a relay attached (OEM Product) and the 006-B4 does not. You can use the -B4 with a single zone relay (SR501), in it’s place.

Will a 007-F5 replace a 007-F2, F3, F4 circulator?

Generally, with all of the \”00\” Series pumps, the first 3 digits tell the performance of the pump, something which does not normally change over the years. So, yes it will. The F always means iron flanged. The number after the F is if we make a design change which does not affect interchangeability, we change the 2 to a 3 etc, on up. So, yes, the F5 can replace the others.

What is the warranty of a 00 series circulator?

The 00 series circulators carry a 3 year (from manufacturers date code) warranty through place of purchase.  The manufacturers date code is located on the electrical box to the left of the conduit hole or if there is a black circular name plate on butt end of motor, it will be located on the bottom of that name plate.

How to do I size the correct circulator for my system?

You can go to the following link (https://www.tacocomfort.com/collection-of-documents/) and click on “selecting circulators TD10”, this will step you through the process of sizing a circulator.

Where can I find replacement parts and part #’s for my 00 series circulator?

You can access 00 series replacement part #’s at the following link:

           00 Series Replacement Parts

And you can input your zip code or postal code at the following link to locate the Taco Rep in your area to help you source the parts close to you:

Rep Locator

How can I get my Taco Genie pump to run longer?

Unplug the pump. Remove the electrical box cover. Remove the circuit board by pulling back and up. Turn the board around so that the small black dial, with arrow, is at the top. Turn the dial counter clockwise all the way (may only be a quarter of a turn). Replace circuit board.  Make sure it is firmly in terminal strip. Replace electrical box cover and plug the unit back in. The pump will automatically run for a bit. Let it cool down and once it does, you can now activate. It should now run longer, allowing the hot water to get to fixture(s).

Can you use more than one Motion Sensor with the Taco Genie?

Yes, you can use up to 10 motion sensors.

Can I use a motion sensor with my RF Receiver on my Taco Genie?

Yes, you can use up to 6 Motion Sensors with 1 RF Receiver.

Can the Hot Link Valve be used with a Tankless water Heater?

No, the HLV can Not be used with a Tankless Water Heater.  It does not allow enough flow through the valve to activate the Tankless Heater.

Is there a way to get my 00-VDT pump to run full speed?

Yes, to get the 00-VDT to run full speed, change the range dial setting to 10 and put all dip switches to the off position except dip switch 1.

Just installed my 00 series pump and it is running very hot, is this normal?

Yes, the 00 series pumps run hot.  Just like a light bulb, you will not be able to keep your hand on the pump.

How do I wire my 007-F5?

The 007 comes with a yellow and white wire.  You can wire white to white and yellow to black.

My Hot Link Valve seems to making noise, banging and or whistling, why?

In some cases, we have found that increasing the water heater temp by a few degrees will stop this noise. If the tank temp is close to closing temp of the thermal disc, it may not know whether to stay open or close. 

I am trying to program my RMB-1 and I keep getting a boil Opn error. How do I fix this?

If you are not using a boiler return sensor, then you will need to go into the adjust menu and turn the boil min to off by arrowing down. Once it reads off, hit item button to set. You will also need to go to the back of the control board and in the upper right hand corner, you will see a small toggle switch. Make sure that is in the off position. Unplug the unit and wait 5-10 sec and plug back in. Error should be gone.

What do the different color lights mean on the 007e?

The Orange light is the standard running light.

A white light means you have air in the system and the pump is air bound.  You will need to purge the system of air.

A Red light means the rotor is blocked.  You will need to disassemble the motor and clean the impeller.  Download the instruction sheet for unblocking procedure.

A Green light indicates that the pump is in power optimization mode.  After 12 hours of constant running time, it automatically self- adjusts to this Green Mode.

Pump was installed in my drain back solar system. Rust has now accumulated into the water in the sealed loop visible in the site glass indicates. I was told the pump is responsible and it should only be stainless, copper or brass which would have prevented this problem? Is this a fact?

Is the system pressurized? When you refer to gravity feed, is it a drain back system? When we refer to open, or closed system, the determining factor is if it’s vented to atmosphere. If the system is non-pressurized open to atmosphere, then it’s considered open. If the system is closed, non-vented it’s considered closed. However, if you’re using pex tubing semi-permeable (non-oxygen barrier tubing) you are susceptible to osmosis a phenomenon that allows oxygen to penetrate the tubing and attacking all the ferrous components in the system? Osmosis is exasperated when there are only a few ferrous components.

My Taco radiant control does not provide heat. What is Warm Weather Shut Down (WWSD) and how do I turn on my radiant heat?

Most Taco radiant controls come with Warm Weather Shut-Down within its programming. This is the outdoor temperature at which the system is shut down. On some models, this is represented by WWSD on the display. This could also be a toggle switch. Please check the control for the WWSD setting. By default they are set to 70 F. This WWSD functions, in part, with an outdoor sensor. If the sensor is not operating correctly, it may provide a false temperature to the control. The sensor can be checked by using an ohm meter and referring to the ohm/temperature chart within the manual.

Link: Instruction Sheet


I recently installed a Radiant Mixing Block to heat 2 zones of radiant floor. When the block injection pump injects at the 20-40% range, it makes a growling noise that sounds similar to dry bearing. Any suggestions?

The check valve in the inlet connect from the boiler supply line is making the noise. To prove a point, put an ice cube on the radiant supply sensor which should make the injection pump speed up. If the noise goes away when the pump speeds up, then it is the check.

To eliminate the noise, break the hot water supply connection and unscrew the adaptor fitting from the block manifold. Look inside that connection and you should see the check and a snap ring holding it in place. Remove the snap ring and then the check. Reinstall the adaptor fitting and re-splice the copper tubing.

This noise problem has occurred once in a while and we are developing a new check that should overcome it. At this time, this is our only solution and I have not heard of any problem operating without the check.

I am using a 008-S7 pump in a solar heating system without flanges. What do I cross it to?

Your pump is a 008-V2 with viton o-rings. If you are now using water, you can buy a current day 008-F6. Unbolt the motor and cartridge assembly from the pump casing, throw the pump casing away and bolt the motor and cartridge to the old casing. If you are still using bray oil, you will need a viton o-ring for the casing, but you would still purchase a 008-F6. It is 1/25 HP.

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