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Mission, Vision, Core Values


We are the trusted advisors for anything to do with comfort.


We strive to delight our customers by providing them with optimal solutions for their comfort needs.

Value Statement:

At Taco, our people are our most valuable asset. We are proud of our employees and our products they build here in the USA and we condently state that we are the best at providing comfort solutions.

True to Our Core Values

As a family-owned company, Taco’s core values place a firm emphasis on relationships. We are committed to remaining profitable and financially stable and we owe an obligation of trust and support for our employees, suppliers, customers, the community around us, and to the environment. These values have served Taco well since 1920, and they will continue to serve us for many years to come.

The Taco Philosophy

Profitability + Stability + Relationships = A Strong Future for Taco Comfort Solutions®

“Every day, no matter where I am, I get up with one overriding purpose in mind: to do my very best to ensure a strong future for Taco based on profitability and financial stability. As a family-owned company, that’s my responsibility and one I will never waver from. I owe nothing less to the people who work at Taco. It is their hard work and dedication that have made this company the enduring success it has been since 1920, and who will make Taco a success well into the future. The White family’s first responsibility will always be to them.” – John Hazen White, Jr.

The Taco Pledge

To Our Employees: We will provide our employees with a clean, safe and accommodating work place. We will provide training for self-advancement and opportunities for personal growth through free educational offerings. We will also embrace and engage their families to become part of the larger Taco family.

To Our Suppliers: Many of our suppliers have loyally served us for many years. We will continue to treat them fairly and with the special respect they deserve. We will remain a stable customer for them, one they can count on through thick and thin.

To Our Customers: Every day we must earn and protect the loyalty of the contractors who purchase Taco products and the engineers who recommend them. We will do so by providing them with the very best products and services that are available anywhere in the world.

To Our Community: We are a part of the community around us – schools, places of worship, neighborhoods, open spaces and cultural centers. That larger community helps support and nourish the Taco family. We are obligated to give back to our community by purchasing locally whenever possible and by financially supporting the non-profits that work tirelessly for all of us through our charitable arm, the Taco White Family Foundation.

To Our Environment: We are obligated to respect the environment, to protect it, and help to restore it in whatever way we can through the choices we make as a company.

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