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  • High-Efficiency Heating, Cooling, & Plumbing Solutions
  • Easy-to-Use Design & Selection Software
  • Industry-Leading Training & Technical Support

Taco Comfort Solutions is making it easy to find the most efficient heating, cooling, and plumbing solutions. Stop by our booth to learn more – booth #C4506.

See us at booth #C4506

Class-Leading Efficiency

Whether commercial or residential projects, Taco can provide you with the most efficient pumps and circulators to meet your system needs.

Meeting or beating leading competitive pump efficiencies over 84% of the time*

Light-to-dark green indicates Taco efficiency advantage. Darker green = greater Taco efficiency advantage.


    High-Efficiency Meets High Performance

    Introducing the new Taco 00e® VR Series high-efficiency ECM circulators, with 62 feet max head, 320 GPM max flow and NSF commercial hot rating. Featuring an easy-to-program pump interface, Modbus, BACnet, 0-10Vdc, and PWM – all standard!

    New Flow-Through Expansion Tank

    Taco Comfort Solutions announces a new flow-through expansion tank designed to help reduce the environmental conditions necessary for Legionella and other bacteria to flourish. With standard tank volumes ranging from 23 to 528 gallons, the flow-through expansion tank provides precise flow channeling through a patent pending head design.

    Domestic Water Booster Pump Packages

    Taco’s new and improved, fully-integrated domestic water booster systems are the ideal pressure-boosting solution for multi-residential and commercial buildings. Each system comes with a range of features and benefits exclusive only to Taco, including an integral controller in every drive that offers complete built-in redundancy and minimizes downtime. A grooved pipe coupling between pump and header permits greater design flexibility and minimizes installation and maintenance time. Available in Simplex, Duplex, Triplex or Quadraplex configurations, offering capacities between 125 to 2,000 GPM.

    Taco System M Air-to-Water Heat Pump Package

    Allow nature to heat and cool your home.  Taco Comfort Solutions has partnered with Glen Dimplex to develop a complete packaged air-to-water heat pump system for residential heating, cooling and DHW applications.  System M responds to increasing HVAC electrification trends while providing superior comfort, high efficiency, and ease of installation.

    Taco Family Support

    We put people first! That’s why our commitment to training – at the factory, online, in the field – is the finest in the industry. What’s more, our product selection and design tools help you work smarter and faster every day.



    Monday, Jan 31, 2022: 10am – 6pm
    Tuesday, Feb 1, 2022: 10am – 6pm
    Wednesday, Feb 2, 2022: 10am – 4pm


    Las Vegas Convention Center
    3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109


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