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Taco Multi-Purpose Tanks

Jan 18, 2018 | Products News

Multi-Purpose Tanks Built for Broad Applications

Taco Comfort Solutions® line of Chilled and Hot Water Multi-Purpose Tanks provides the options and durability needed for a broad range of hydronic applications.

The Taco Multi-Purpose Tanks (MPT), which range in standard sizes from 50 to 1050 gallons, are built to last with ANSI flanges and are ASME rated for 125 & 150 psi working pressures and a maximum operating temperature of 240°F. Flanges are available from two-inch through 10-inch.

Taco Multi-Purpose Tanks are often used as a buffer tank in boiler or chiller systems, serving to eliminate or reduce short cycling. Multi-Purpose Tanks are available in vertical or horizontal configurations, and with a wide range of lengths and diameters.

With the option of adding patented, stainless steel pall ring coalescing media in either packs or baskets, an MPT can also provide very effective air separation.

MPTs are available in 16 standard sizes and eight standard configurations, including corner models. Insulation options include half-inch Armaflex or one-inch silicon blanket. Custom unit volumes, flange sizes and construction materials are available.

Taco’s “MPT” product line offering incorporates the features of Taco’s Buffer Tank, 5900 and standard in-line Air Separator product lines within a single product. This product line offers tank sizes ranging between 50 and 1050 gallons. They are available with a wide range of nozzle sizes across this product line. Each MPT model utilizes four nozzles, a full port blow down valve and Air Vent. These ASME tanks have been designed to 125 psi @ 240 degrees F. as standard. Should higher working pressures or temperatures be required, custom designs are available. Each of these tank models are available with (4) system connections— two on each side of the tank located in both high and low positions to meet a wide range of application requirements. Other options include 1/2″ Armaflex insulation for chilled water applications, 1″ Silicon/fiberglass jacketed insulation for heating applications and 3/4″ NPT connections on each nozzle for temperature/pressure ports and another port located in the center of the tank for mixed sensing.

For more information, visit www.TacoComfort.com

Multi-Purpose Tanks
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