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New FloPro Training

Jan 28, 2013 | Events

Taco Offers New FloPro Training

Taco’s FloPro Training program for 2103 combines factory courses at their new Innovation & Development Center
with many more training sessions offered remotely at wholesaler and rep locations nationwide.

The company offers a broad range of professional development opportunities for plumbing and heating
contractors. Participants learn to grow their hydronic expertise and boost profitability. Their popular webinar
series has also expanded.

According to Taco’s Training Manager John Barba, “Residential Hydronics – Advanced Soup to Variable Speed Nuts”
is Taco’s newest main course, offered at the factory and at many US and Canada locations. Most of the training
will be offered at wholesaler and rep locations. Classes at Taco will run in June, September and October.
Topics include:

  • Proper circulator selection
  • How to read pump curves
  • The truth about three-speed circulators
  • Flat curve pumps – vs – steep curve pumps
  • Calculating flow and head loss
  • Variable speed circulators: the truth about electric savings and the value of Delta T
  • Piping and high efficiency boilers
  • Estimating fuel and electric consumption
  • Efficient zoning techniques
  • Wiring for multi-pump relays and zone valve controls
  • Modernizing existing systems

Class information and online registration is available at www.floproteam.com
“The factory training sessions run two days, offering extensive hands-on experience
with system wiring” said Barba. “The two-day, Cranston, RI sessions also include a
factory tour and a night on the town.”

The $299 tuition covers training, hotel, meals, and all class materials.

In addition to its classroom offerings, Taco also offers free FloPro Webinars.
The one-hour sessions cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • The fine art of combustion analysis
  • Domestic hot water recirculation
  • Evolution of radiant mixing
  • Five easy ways to make any hydronic system more efficient
  • CV pressure drop and you.

Also available online is Taco’s FloPro University. This innovative e-learning program features detailed, interactive
training programs broken down into small, easily digestible chunks. Contractors can view these programs on
their computer at their convenience as many times as they like.
There’s a quiz after each section and a final exam at the end of each program. After passing the final exam
each participant will receive a certificate of completion as well as a class pin. FloPro University brings advanced
learning right to the computer screen, making learning easy and convenient.
Taco’s Training Programs are available only to members of Taco’s FloPro Team, their free contractor training
and development program. If you aren’t already a member of the FloPro Team, learn more about the program
and register at flopro.taco-hvac.com. Contact Rae Aldrich at Taco (401-942-8000) with special requests.

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