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Taco Highlights Multi-Media Green School View At Free, On-line Virtual Green Expo, August 4

Jan 29, 2012 | Corporate

A multi-faceted, multi-media focus on green schools will be the highlight of the Taco, Inc., booth at the on-line, Green Schools Virtual Green Expo on August 4.

The free, one-day event will be live from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Taco experts will be on hand throughout the day for live chat and questions.

Visitors to the Taco booth will be able to immerse themselves in a rich mix of videos, podcasts, case studies, testimonials, product presentations and chat.

Visitors can also have a chance to win an Apple iPad by completing a brief visitor survey while at the Taco exhibit. The winner will be chosen by random drawing shortly after the show.

“We’re treating this like a regular, physical trade show plus,” explains Taco’s Tim Smith. “Because this is an on-line event, we are able to have more material in more formats than ever before, with a lot less time and cost for visitors.”

Taco has broad experience in a number of green schools projects at primary schools, high schools and universities. Videos and/or case studies on all these projects will be available to expo visitors at the booth.

In addition, Taco will make in-depth presentations on key HVAC systems for green schools including radiant cooling technology and single pipe, high efficiency pumping using the LoadMatch® System.

Those interested in attending can enroll online at the Virtual Green Expo website.

On August 4, the day will begin with a keynote presentation from expert John Shea, CEO, New York City Dept. of Education, Division of School Facilities.

The program continues immediately with four back-to-back webinars each followed by a typed group chat session with presenters. The webinars will cover topics from design and construction to heating systems and air quality.

The Taco exhibit will be open, and Taco personnel on hand, throughout the the day.

For the full conference agenda and to register for the Virtual Green Expo, go to www.thevirtualgreenexpo.com.

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