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Taco Improves BumbleBee Variable Speed Circulator

Jan 23, 2012 | Events

Taco Improves BumbleBee Variable Speed Circulator

Chicago, IL – January 23, 2012 –
Taco has announced its second generation BumbleBee variable speed, wet-rotor circulator. The high-efficiency, ECM motor requires only 9 to 42 watts, depending on the load. The pump can operate in three different modes:

  • Delta-T (?T) differential temperature mode for fixed settings from 5°F to 50°F difference between supply and return sensors
  • Fixed speed for a specific gpm
  • Set point mode to meet a desired temperature (65°F to 220°F)

The Bumblebee features a brushless DC, permanent magnet motor with the option of 115 – 230v, 50/60 Hz input power. The programmable pump offers new plug-in remote temperature sensors and a digital display that reveals real-time watt usage and gpm flow.

Taco’s BumbleBee Circulator, part number HEC-2, offers a broad performance range, covering flows from 0 to 15 gpm and heads from 0-15 feet, making it an ideal choice for many hydronic, radiant heat and snowmelt applications, whether residential or light commercial.

An integral flow check (IFC) is included in the carton that can be pressed into the discharge flange, if required. The circulator has an improved terminal box for ease of wiring to any Taco Switching Relay or Zone Valve Control. To further ease installation and mounting flexibility the rotating swivel-flanged casing provides 360-degrees of rotation.

Taco’s new e-smart tag – which the BumbleBee proudly wears – identifies Taco’s most resource-saving technology.

00e 1816

Taco's 00e 1816 Infinitely Variable Speed ECM High-Efficiency Circulator FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: John Vastyan, Common Ground, 717-664-0535;...

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