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Taco employs the latest technologies for LEED cerification of its facility addition

May 20, 2009 | Article

A Cogeneration Plant and LoadMatch® Single Pipe System Combine
for Big Energy Savings

 From the May 2009 issue of Phc News.

Taco, Inc. has been manufacturing in the same building, a converted trolley car barn in Cranston, RI, since 1954. For decades the plant operated in the summer months without the benefits of air conditioning. Over the years the lack of conditioned make-up air created negative pressure inside the brick building and caused a myriad of problems affecting air quality, productivity and especially paint operations.

To cope with the heat and humidity during the summer large fans would be positioned at either end of open bays in an attempt to keep things cool, but the brick walls held the heat like an old brick oven. Clearly the company needed a system to draw in conditioned outside air….MORE

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