00e Series VR3452   


ECM wet rotor circulation with integrated electronic regulation

The VR3452 circulator is a self-adjusting, high-efficiency wet rotor circulator for chilled and hot water applications. All settings can be accomplished on the user-friendly interface. The ECM permanent magnet motor saves up to 85% of the electrical energy compared to conventional pumps.


The pump operates on a pre-programmed inclining performance curve where the differential pressure increases with flow. Hset on the user interface relates to the differential pressure at maximum speed with a corresponding differential pressure at zero flow of half of the Hset value. Hset range from 4.5' to 35' in 0.5' increments. Factory default is 17.5'.


The pump operates at a constant differential set pressure (Hset on the user interface) from zero flow to maximum speed. Once maximum speed is reached the differential pressure drops as flow increases in a similar manor to a constant speed pump. Hset range from 4.5' to 35' in 0.5' increments. Factory default is 17.5'


The pump operates at its programmed speed between 1100 & 4400 RPM as set by the operator (RPMset on the user interface). Factory default is max speed (4400 RPM).


When pump operates in night mode, it automatically switches between the selected operating curve in the mode and night curve. The transition to the night mode depends on the media temperature in the system. When the night mode is prepared for operating, its icon illuminates and the pump operates in the selected operating curve of the mode. When the pump identifies the media temperature fall by 59-68F° (approximately during 2 hours), the icon starts to blink and the pump switches to the night curve. When the media temperature rises again, the icon stops blinking and the pump passes over to the operating curve in the selected operating mode. The night mode operates only in combination with the above indicated modes. It is not an independent operating mode.
00e Series - ECM High Efficiency Pumps
Max. Flow: 52 GPM • Max. Shutoff Head (ft): 34 • HP: 1/100 - 1/4 • Sizes (in): 3/4 - 1-1/2

00e Series VR3452

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