Taco Tuesday

Taco Comfort Solutions will be hosting a new, bi-weekly webinar training series, Taco Tuesday, throughout 2020. These fun, fact-filled one-hour webinars will keep you up-to-date with the latest HVAC systems, tools, and technologies. The webinars will occur on Tuesdays at 12 noon EST and every month will feature one residentially-focused topic and one commercially-focused topic.

Meet the Trainers

John Barba
Director of Training

Rich Medairos, P.E.
Director of Engineered Products & Systems Training

Brett Zerba
Applications Engineer

Training Webinar Playback

Missed a training webinar? Recordings of previous webinars will be posted here when available.

1st Quarter 2020 Webinar Schedule:

January 7: Residential Focus
The Truth about Variable Speed Circulators
Presented by John Barba

What do variable speed circulators REALLY do? There’s so much misinformation and misunderstanding in the industry today on these remarkable little devices – they have tremendous benefits, but they aren’t plug ‘n play, they don’t take the thinking out of circulator selection and they most definitely aren’t MAGIC.

Join Taco’s John Barba for a fast-paced, fact-filled hour and learn what variable speed circulators really do, what they don’t do and how to best utilize them in your hydronic systems, and see how new Bluetooth functionality can help you program a circulator as accurately as possible without relying on mumbo-jumbo or misapplied technology.

    January 21:  Commercial Focus
    Expansion Tank Sizing
    Presented by Rich Medairos, P.E. and Brett Zerba

    Expansion tanks can make or break a hydronic system. Find out why expansion tanks are such a pressure packed discussion.

    Our webinar will cover the following topics:

    1. What are the types of expansion tanks and where should they be used.
    2. How to determine minimum and maximum system operating pressure.
    3. What is expansion tank pressure pre-charge and why is it important.
    4. How many expansion tanks should I use and why.
    5. Does it make a difference as to where you locate an expansion tank.

    Feb. 11:  Residential Focus
    Zone Valves -vs- Circulators; Which is Better?
    Presented by John Barba

    It’s an age old question and the answer, as always, is “it depends.”

    When it comes to zoning with circulators or zoning with zone valves, everyone has their preference – but is there really a difference?

    Join Taco’s John Barba for the next installment of our Taco Tuesday webinar series as we discuss the pros and cons of zone valves and circulators, and determine once and for all which one is really better. This fast-paced, fact-filled hour will feature circulator sizing, zone valve operation and overall operating costs, with a side-helping of the relative value of variable speed circulators in each application.

    February 18:  Commercial Focus
    Basics of Hydronic Solution Software
    Presented by Rich Medairos, P.E. and Brett Zerba

    Taco Hydronic System Solutions is a dynamic, drag-and-drop technology software that assists HVAC designers in the design of hydronic equipment systems, setting of system parameters and the scheduling of HVAC equipment.

    During this webinar, you’ll learn:

    1. What is it
    2. Drag and Drop
    3. Connection Components
    4. Connector Directional Arrows
    5. Change Properties
    6. Copy and Paste
    7. Manual Recalculation
    8. Text Annotations
    9. Selecting Equipment
    10. Saving File
    11. Creating Coordination Files
    12. Introduction to Wizards

    March 10:  Residential Focus
    Making DHW Recirculation Easy and Effective
    Presented by John Barba

    It’s easy to make Domestic Hot Water Recirculation, but making it effective, efficient and economic? That’s not so easy.

    Fortunately, today’s technology puts tools in your hands to help you deliver hot water to your customers faster, easier and more economically than ever before. This Taco Tuesday webinar shows you how to size your residential DHW circulator properly and then how to control it so your customers get their hot water fast with minimal overall cost.

    In this fast-paced, fact-filled hour, you’ll learn the benefits of DHW recirculation, the best ways to control both new installations and retrofits, and how to avoid some of the common pitfalls plumbers encounter with recirculation systems.

    March 17: Commercial Focus
    Pump Selection/Taco Project Builder
    Presented by Rich Medairos, P.E. and Brett Zerba

    Selecting the right pump for your project will mean more efficient use of energy, fewer operational problems, and more system reliability. The shape of a pump curve is as important as the design operating point.

    Our webinar will cover the following topics:

    1. How to generate and read a pump curve.
    2. What is pump water horse power and how is it different from pump motor horse power.
    3. How do you calculate pump efficiency.
    4. What is NPSH.
    5. What are the different pump types and pump configurations.
    6. How to use the Taco Pump Selection App to select a pump.
    7. What is Project Builder all about.
    8. How to use the Pump Selection App and Project Builder to troubleshoot field problems.

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