Hot-Link Plus® Instant Hot Water   

Save your customers thousands of gallons of water each year.

According to the Department of Energy, the average household wastes up to 12,000 gallons of water each year waiting for hot water. That's energy, money and resources down the drain! Want to be a hero with your customers? Install a Hot-LinkPlus® system.

How the Hot-LinkPlus works.

Hot-LinkPlus has two operational modes to fit the needs of any household. In "Smart" mode, it monitors and records the home's hot water usage pattern. In optional Pulse mode, the circulator pulses periodically to maintain hot water at all fixtures. In Vacation mode, which is automatically activated when Hot-LinkPlus detects no water use for 36 hours, the circulator turns off, and activates for ten seconds every seven days to prevent corrosion and scale buildup. The Hot-LinkPlus bypass valve's unique thermal disk technology sends cooled water back to the water heater so hot water lines remain hot.

Hot-LinkPlus is easy to install.

First, install the Hot-LinkPlus bypass valve at the faucet furthest away from the water heater. Then install the Hot-LinkPlus circulator at the water heater. Once installed connect the temperature sensor to the hot water supply pipe and plug the 6' power cord into any standard 120V electrical outlet. Everything needed to install and operate the system is in the box.

Cleaning made easy.

There's no need to remove the Hot-Link valve from the piping to keep it clean. Our exclusive clean-in-place design makes short work of keeping the system operating properly.



Performance Data

Flow (GPM): 0 - 11
Head (ft): 0 - 9
HP: 1/40
Minimum Fluid Temperature: 40° F. (4° C)
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 220° F (104° C)
Maximum Working Pressure: 125 PSI
Connection Sizes: 1/2" MNPT


Saves Energy, Water And Money
Two Modes, Smart and Pulse, Plus Vacation Mode to Meet Needs of Any Household
UL Listed for Indoor Use
NSF Certified
Easy to Install
Everything Need to Install and Operate the System Is In the Box
Includes Hot-Link Valve, Hot Link Plus Circulator, 3 Flex Hoses
Two Half Unions and Tail Pieces
Clean-in-place Design Makes Cleaning Easy
Integral Flow Check (IFC®)

Hot-Link Plus® Instant Hot Water

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Hot-Link Plus® Instant Hot Water

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