Taco Genie   

Delivers hot water comfort, saves water, energy and money

The TacoGenie® delivers hot water to faucets and taps at your command, and can save the average family of four up to 12,000 gallons per year.

The TacoGenie is a small, silent pump that attaches to the hot and cold water lines in the cabinet under the most remote kitchen or bath fixture in the home. When the TacoGenie is activated, the cool water you normally let run down the drain is recirculated back to the water heater through the cold water line. When the hot water arrives at the faucet, the TacoGenie heat sensor and control board shut off the pump to prevent pumping excess hot water into the cold water line.
Performance Data
Flow (GPM): 0 - 8
Head (ft): 0 - 26
HP: 1/40 - 1/8
Minimum Fluid Temperature: 40° F. (4° C)
Maximum Fluid Temperature: 220° F (104° C)
Maximum Working Pressure: 125 PSI
Connection Sizes: Bronze 1/2"Male NPT (and with Plumbing kit), 3/4" Shut--Off Flange (and with Plumbing kit)
Saves Energy, Water And Money
Delivers Hot Water To Your Fingertips Without Waiting
Easy To Install
No Need To Drain The System
No New Return Line Is Necessary
Available For Standard Or Recirculating Piping
Available For Tank Type Or Tankless Water Heaters
Sizes For Small Homes To Large And Commercial Applications (00 Circulator Models 006, 008 And 0011)
Can Be Activated By Pushbutton Or Optional Wireless Transmitter Or Optional Hard Wired Motion Sensor
Stainless Steel Construction

Taco Genie

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