The 0018e™ ECM High-Efficiency Circulator   

Maximize system efficiency, maximize system control.

The 00e® series - 0018e featuring Bluetooth is a versatile, variable speed, high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor. Download the Taco 0018e Mobile App to see and control real-time system performance. Run system operation & validation reports including performance diagnostics & history. Know the most efficient setting based on real-time feedback and alleviate the problems of over-pumping. You design systems with precision. The 0018e offers the performance & control to match.

Mobile App FAQs

  • editHow do you change the pump's name?

    Tap the Menu, under Settings tab choose Change Pump Name.

  • directions_runHow do you run a report?

    Tap the Menu, under the Reporting tab choose New report. Then follow the steps to add general information, product photos, operation data, and notes. The report will be saved to the app based on the time it was run.

  • sendHow do you send a report?

    Tap the Menu, under the Reporting tab choose All reports. Choose the report you wish to send. The report will be saved to the app based on the time it was run. Scroll to the bottom of the report and tap on Share as PDF.

  • add_a_photoCan you add a photo of the installation to the report?

    Yes, you can store a photo within a report. Run a New report to capture it.

  • note_addCan you add notes about a job?

    Yes, you can add notes to a New report. Run a New report, the notes section is the last step before you save.

  • settingsWhat is activeADAPT™?

    activeADAPT™is self-adjusting proportional pressure best suited for constant circulation systems with thermostatic radiator valves. It continuously monitors changes in system conditions and adjusts the performance curve automatically.

  • bluetoothHow do I enable Bluetooth?

    Pull down your control panel and selectbluetooth

  • location_onDo I have to allow access to location services and photos to use the APP?

    Yes, the reporting within the APP uses the GPS location to automatically update the address. You can also add photos to the reports, which is why the APP needs access to your files.

  • helpHow can I contact Taco Comfort Solutions for help?

    Taco’s technical services team is available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. You can reach them by either phone or email.

    (401) 942-8000

  • get_appWhere can I find the APP?

    The APP can be found in the Apple APP store and Google Play store. Search for the Taco 0018e ECM Circulator app.

Features & Benefits

• Bluetooth® wireless communication for read & write functionality
• Intuitive 0018e ECM Circulator Mobile App for iOS and Android
• 4 Operating modes to choose from;
    • Min/ Max fixed speed
    • Constant pressure
    • Proportional pressure
    • activeADAPT - self-adjusting proportional pressure
• BIO Barrier® protects the pump from system contaminants
• External SureStart® automatic unblocking and air purging mode
• High-efficiency ECM technology uses up to 85% less electricity
• Dual electrical knockouts and 6" stranded wire leads for easy wiring
• Double insulated; no ground wire needed
• Whisper quiet operation