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System M

Air-to-Water Heat Pump System

Introducing System M

What if you could heat and cool your home with pure, natural water? No need for carbon-emitting gas furnaces or refrigerant lines running through your home. And what if that system could be powered by green energy – residential solar systems or the ever-increasing supply of electricity generated from carbon-free renewable sources like wind, water, and the sun? 

Invest in a Greener Future

System M is a radically innovative air-to-water heat pump system that provides comfortable, efficient heating, cooling, and plenty of domestic hot water to your home, without the use of fossil fuels. This complete, packaged system is simple to install, simple to operate, and a simply unique solution for low-carbon heating and cooling. 

Simply put, System M is a Milestone. 

Moving Towards Green Energy

20% of all U.S. utility-scale electricity is currently being generated from green, renewable energy sources,* with many states and utilities setting a goal of 100% green energy in the next 10-20 years. System M is the perfect solution to take advantage of these green energy trends, as well as energy-efficient equipment rebates and tax credits. 

*U.S. Energy Information Administration

Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

On average, residential gas-fired home heating equipment can produce 4.4 tons of CO2 per year, with a gas furnace producing 3.2 tons and a gas water heater producing 1.2 tons of CO2 annually. System M eliminates the need for these types of home heating equipment – and the carbon emissions they produce. The heat pump used in System M doesn’t use combustion to create heat, so it doesn’t create CO2. System M is also smart grid and solar PV ready, so if it’s powered from a renewable energy source, your HVAC carbon footprint practically disappears. 

Increase Your Indoor Comfort

When it comes to comfort, System M uses gentle, lower-temperature water to heat your home, so you avoid the extremely high heat of a gas furnace as well as the dry, uncomfortable air that it produces. System M also enables the addition of even more comfortable heating and cooling options, like radiant floor heating, towel warmers, or integration into a central cooling system.

Naturally Efficient

The ultra-efficient System M is comprised of a sleek, whisper quiet, inverter-driven outdoor heat pump that can be up to 4 times more efficient than a gas furnace. The outdoor heat pump seamlessly integrates with Taco’s exclusive indoor HydroBox to provide a complete system. Heating and cooling is transferred between the outdoor and indoor unit with water, the most natural and efficient energy transfer medium on the planet. System M also produces plenty of hot water, which integrates with an optional indirect hot water tank.

Enjoy Optimum Quiet and Comfort


  •  44,000 BTU/h heating capacity
  •  3-1/2 tons cooling capacity
  • Max COP >4 (Coefficient of Performance)
  • Outdoor unit produces 29 dB(A) @10m –
    equivalent to a whisper
  • Award-winning design

Intuitive Operation

Accessing System M is easy with the user-friendly indoor HydroBox touch screen display or the intuitive mobile app. See everything at a glance and control it with your fingertip. You or your service company can remotely monitor or adjust the system and be notified of any issues through the convenient mobile app on your smart device. 

Simplified Installation

System M is a true plug-n-play appliance. Its packaged design makes installation less intrusive; no refrigerant or gas lines are needed. System M seamlessly integrates with almost any high-efficiency heating and cooling system and is perfect for both new construction and existing HVAC systems.

Complete Home Comfort

System Design Example

  1. System M Outdoor Heat Pump* 
  2. System M Indoor HydroBox* 
  3. Indirect Water Tank* 
  4. Air Handler & Ductwork 
  5. Hydronic Radiant Flooring 
  6. Hydronic Towel Heater 
  7. Solar Panels 

*Available System M Components

Other HVAC system integrations are possible 

System M

The ideal solution for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their indoor comfort.

Global Experts in Green Comfort Solutions

Taco Comfort Solutions is a leader in high-efficient home comfort systems, leveraging over a century of expertise in hydronics, pumping, and system integration. We have partnered with Glen Dimplex, a leading German-based manufacturer of intelligent electric heat pumps and renewable energy solutions to introduce a complete heating, cooling, and domestic hot water solution for a low-carbon society.

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