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System M

Air-to-Water Heat Pump

The ideal solution for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their indoor comfort.

System M is a radically innovative air-to-water heat pump system that provides comfortable, efficient heating, cooling, and plenty of domestic hot water to homeowners without the use of fossil fuels — so it doesn’t create CO2. This complete, packaged system is simple to install, simple to operate, and a simply unique solution for low-carbon heating and cooling.

Simply put, System M is a Milestone. System M also enables the addition of even more comfortable heating and cooling options, like radiant floor heating, towel warmers, or integration into a central cooling system.

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Performance Data

44,000 BTU/h heating capacity
3-1/2 tons cooling capacity
Max COP > 4
Outdoor unit produces 29 dB(A) @ 10m; equivalent to a whisper
Outdoor temperature range: -7°F (-22°C) to 113°F (45°C)

  • Inverter-driven, variable speed scroll compressor with wide operation range & superior reliability
  • High volumetric efficiency (HVE) valve boosts heating and cooling efficiency
  • Maintenance-free, variable speed, ECM fan motor
  • Sleek, award-winning design
  • Tangential air discharge and innovative fan blade ensure whisper quiet operation and optimal airflow
  • Fully assembled indoor HydroBox cuts installation time in half
  • Easy installation; just 6 pipe connections
  • Integrated 30-gallon buffer tank
  • Internet ready – just plug the unit into the home’s router
  • Intuitive touch screen display
  • Multi-tier control access
  • Software updates – a connected unit means it always has the latest features and upgrades
  • Commissioning report generated upon system start-up
  • All changes made to system settings are tracked
  • Optional 85-gallon indirect domestic hot water tank
  • Air handlers, fan coils
  • Radiant floors & ceilings
  • Low-temperature convectors
  • DHW production
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