Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are another cost- and energy-effective way to make hot water for your home. Solar water heating systems generally have a storage tank, solar collectors and a system of pipes to distribute the hot water as needed. Active systems also have pumps to circulate the water, while passive systems do not. In some systems, two tanks are used.

In the first, the water is pre-heated by sun energy before entering a conventional water heater. One-tank systems combine the back-up heater and water storage in a single tank.

Taco makes products designed for a wide variety of these solar water heating systems, in virtually any system configuration you might need. Taco’s standard 00 Cartridge Circulators in a variety of sizes (such as the 009 Cartridge Circulator) work well in solar water heating applications, as one example.

Another is the Taco Variable Speed Solar Control Circulator which combines a number of features and capabilities to improve solar heating system performance.

And the Taco Solar X-Pump Block combines several solar heating system components, including two circulators, a stainless steel heat exchanger and solar differential temperature control, into a single, convenient, and easy-to-install unit.

Ask your professional heating/cooling contractor about Taco products for solar water heating applications, and download the Taco Solar Made Easy Water Heating brochure.


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