00 Series Variable Speed Solar Control   

Taco Variable Speed Solar Control Circulators combine the advanced features of our external speed and solar controls with the reliability and convenience of our 00® Cartridge Circulators. All the wiring for power and sensors is done directly to the circulator, while the LED status panel makes it easy to check functionality. Dip switch based user configurable settings makes for a fast set-up, no matter the solar application. The circulator continually adjusts its speed, maximizing the output of the collector, increasing the usable higher temperature water throughout the day, eliminating short cycling and increasing system performance by 20%. Features:
  • All-in-One Pump and Variable Speed Solar Control
  • Available in Several Sizes, 006, 008, 009 and 0011
  • User Definable Line Voltage Output,
  • Supports Drain Back Applications
  • Freeze Protection for Open Systems
  • Holiday Function, Minimizes Collector Stagnation
  • Factory Installed Line Cord
  • Adjustable Storage Tank Maximum Setting
Download the Taco Solar Water Heating brochure for product and application guidance.