00 Series Variable Speed Variable Voltage 00 TM Circulator   

The Variable Voltage version of the Variable Speed 00™ Circulator is designed to operate the pump at different speeds based on an externally-generated analog voltage signal input. Its reliable operation, ease of installation and integration to DDC or building management systems allows for a wide variety of HVAC applications, such as maintaining a pressure differential or a setpoint temperature. The control accepts a 0-10 V(dc), 0-20 mA, 2-10 V(dc), or 4-20mA signal.


  • 4 Signal Voltage Ranges (0-10 V(dc), 0-20 mA, 2-10V(dc), or 4-20 mA)
  • Internal LED’s
  • Manual Operation Switch
  • Linear or Logarithmic Output
  • Pump Exercise (10 Seconds After 3 Days of No Operation)
00® Series
Variable Speed Variable Voltage
GPM: 0-52 • Head (ft): 0-35 • HP: 1/2 -25 • Sizes (in): 1-1/4