00e Series VR1816   


Step up from 3-speeds to infinitely variable speed

Variable speed ECM technology has come of age and with it, savings of up to 85% in electrical costs as compared to conventional circulators. The 00e VR1816 ECM high-efficiency wet rotor circulator features infinitely variable speed and 6 pressure presets to fit your job. It's simple to install and intuitive to set up. Get into high-efficiency ECM savings with the turn of a dial - it's efficiency uncomplicated!

Fixed Speed Mode

Fine tune the circulator flow rate to precisely match design load conditions. It is infinitely variable between min/max settings. Ideal for zoning with circulators. See Performance Curves

Constant Pressure Mode

The circulator maintains a constant pressure differential (?p-c) in the system as the heating load increases or decreases. The best option for zoning with zone valves. See Performance Curves

Proportional Pressure Mode

Maintains a variable pressure differential (?p-v) in the system as heating load increases or decreases. Flow will change in relationship to the change in pressure differential. The best option for panel radiators with TRV's. See Performance Curves
"We use the VR1816 because it's easy to install, trouble free and it saves lots of energy."George Fantacone Service Manager Santoro Oil, Providence, RI