LoadMatch® Twin-Tee® Fittings   

For assured comfort and performance of LoadMatch systems

Taco LoadMatch® Twin-Tee® fittings assure the comfort and performance of LoadMatch® single pipe hydronic systems and primary secondary two-pipe hydronic systems, while reducing the number and cost of fittings and field joints required in the system.

The patented Taco Twin-Tee is designed to replace the two primary circuit tees used to connect a secondary piping circuit to a primary piping circuit in a hydronic system. It also ensures that the secondary piping circuit is decoupled, so that the flow in the secondary circuit, when the secondary pump is off and the primary pump is on, is zero. This also ensures that the flows in other circuits are not affected by the operation of the secondary circuit pump. In addition, an internal baffle between the secondary circuit supply and return connection prevents any short circuiting of secondary fluid from the return to supply connections.

Patented Technology
Replaces two primary circuit tees to connect secondary piping to primary.