Priority Zoning Circulator Thermostat Ready   

Built-in transformer and relay

The Taco Priority Zoning Circulator combines the reliability of the “00” circulator with the convenience and efficiency of a PC board-mounted switching relay package. Each zoning circulator has low and high voltage terminal strips for ease of electrical hookup as well as a built-in priority switch. The priority switch allows the installer to choose the zone that requires the most attention and, when activated, run only that circulator.

Performance Data
Available in Models 003 - 0014
See specific model for the following data:
Flow (GPM)
Head (ft)
Min. Fluid Temperature
Max. Fluid Temperature
Max. Working Pressure
Connection Sizes
Patented Design
00® Reliability
Available in sizes 003 - 0014
UL Listed
Snap-in PC Board
Removable, Quick-Connect Low-Voltage Terminal Strip
Works with Other Circulators or Zone Valves
Universal Thermostat Compatibility
Simplified Wiring
LED Power Light
Optional Integral Flow Check (IFC®)
Simplifies Piping
Prevents Gravity Flow/Reverse Flow
Eliminates Separate In-Line Flow Check
Reduces Installed Cost
Improves System Performance
Available in Cast Iron, Bronze or Stainless Steel Construction

Priority Zoning Circulator Thermostat Ready

Instruction Sheets (2)

TitleSheet NumberEffective Date
Priority Zoning Circulator 005 thru 0012102-070A05/01/2010
Priority Zoning Circulator-PC Board Replacement102-07202/01/95